September 22, 2022

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Today’s Headlines – Streetsblog California

THE argument against bike helmet laws: Australian police fine heavily, profile riders, and fail to focus on actually dangerous behavior (Systemic Failure)
  • ICYMI: Who mayors elect to regional Air Quality Management boards really matters (LA Times)
  • Climate change could undo fifty years of public health gains (Grist)
  • Steps consumers can take to keep online purchases kinda sorta environmentally friendly (UC Davis)
  • Six corporations that talk green and spend dirty (Heated)
  • Saving the world, one parking spot at a time (ITS International)
  • An explanation of “land value capture” (CA Common Ground)
  • One student’s experience riding Waymo’s autonomous vehicles (Artstechnica)
  • Uber spins off its self-driving division (NY Times)
  • Are efforts to reduce methane emissions worthwhile, or greenwashing? (Inside Climate News)
  • SACOG puts together list of potential transit-oriented development projects in Sacramento (Sacramento Business Journal)
  • CA lawmakers reconvene in Sacramento (LA Times)
  • New L.A. District Attorney Gascon riles up everyone on his first day in office (LA Times)

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