November 23, 2022

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Newsom vs. Elder: California recall election guide

Gavin Newsom

Gov. Gavin Newsom created a national firestorm as San Francisco mayor in 2004 when he ordered the city to issue same-sex marriage licenses. He had survived a sex scandal as mayor of San Francisco, served eight years in the unglamorous job of lieutenant governor and weathered claims that he was too ambitious, too slickly handsome and too patrician-seeming — a supposed son of privilege whose bid for power was greased by his father’s big-money connections.

As governor, he has guided California through the coronavirus pandemic while also dealing with a series of other crises, including unprecedented wildfires, the racial uprising over George Floyd and a worsening drought. This may interest you : Mexico’s president, once a critic, embraces military.


How Newsom went from rising star to fighting for his political life

How Gavin Newsom made his fortune (2018)


Inside the decision to lock down California

Newsom faces his biggest challenge after a swift rise

Newsom takes California on its own COVID path

Newsom’s communication over COVID mandates brings questions

What the French laundry debacle really means

Newsom as vaccine game show host

Newsom and the changing bar for reopening California

Newsom ties political fortunes to vaccine rollout

Newsom, French Laundry and a powerful lobbyist


Newsom and the likability factor

Grading Gavin Newsom’s governorship

Newsom’s defeat and an environmental nightmare

The case against Newsom

Newsom, the recall and democracy

Newsom recall and the view from Washington

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Larry Elder

Conservative talk show host Larry Elder has emerged as the Republican front-runner in the race to replace Newsom if California voters recall the governor. This may interest you : Debunking Russia hoax, California exodus and other myths. He has been a fixture on conservative media for decades, appearing on KABC radio and, more recently, Fox News.

Elder grew up in South Los Angeles in a challenging childhood he has recounted in books. His extreme views and what critics say is an embrace of misinformation have made him a highly controversial candidate, and he’s come under attack by Democrats as well as some Republicans. His views on issues like abortion, taxation and COVID safety seemingly put him at odds with many California voters.


Larry Elder’s views cost him listeners and even his best friend. But he won’t waver

Larry knows best: The sage of South Central (1998)

His record

What does Larry Elder’s talk radio commentary tell us about how he would lead California?

Larry Elder and his relationship with Donald Trump

Elder’s ex-fiancee becomes his biggest critic

Larry Elder breached charity. But his own charity failed

Questions about Elder’s financial disclosures

Larry Elder vs. the press


Larry Elder is the most Latino candidate ever

Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy

Elder and the end of California progressive politics?

Larry Elder and Donald Trump

Is Larry Elder a gift to Democrats?

Elder and Newsom: A special relationship

Too bad you can’t believe Larry Elder

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