October 5, 2022

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Expert Managed IT Services Available For Businesses In Portland

ME based Managed IT New England Managed IT can help businesses improve their infrastructure, add new functionality to their operations, or simply improve security and monitoring systems.

Managed IT representative says that “Your business’s success in the modern world depends largely on your ability to use the most cutting-edge technologies.” However, this does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money on IT products and services to be competitive with larger companies. Our team has spent decades finding the best ways to reduce overhead and deliver an all-inclusive service that meets all of your productivity, administrative, and security needs. They are committed to bringing cutting-edge solutions to your doorstep. We strongly believe that the size of your business should not define what it is capable of doing. You’ll find all the help you need to maximize your ROI and more at Managed IT.” See more here: Managed IT Services Portland.

Managed IT understands that many businesses won’t be aware of the potential for technology-based business growth. Thanks to a wealth of experience that spans more than two decades, Managed IT is able to identify such points with relative speed and ease in virtually any industry, and they are eager to help the business community in Portland and beyond learn more about this. To that end, the company is currently offering new clients a no-obligation technology review — this can quickly give them an overview of what can be done. If they are satisfied with the assessment, Managed IT can give them the green light to implement.

An example of one area that needs work may be represented by a failure by employees to comply with security protocols and best practices. A business’ security is always only as strong as its weakest link, and human error is often the culprit behind data breaches and other security concerns. Managed IT can help with this by offering both desktop monitoring and mobile device administration (MDM) solutions. Here, any device connected to the business’ internal network is configured to deliver the functionality the organization requires while simultaneously closing off vulnerabilities.

A desktop computer, for instance, can be given preventative care via active monitoring and a constant roll-out of updates (as they are made available). This can prevent viruses, spyware, and other malicious software, as well as install the necessary patches in a timely manner. Managed IT IT also adds that this all happens in the background, with virtually no disruption to users. A mobile device that requires company access can be more vulnerable because it can leave the company’s premises. Managed IT can ensure all data contained on the device is given the best security possible.

The company can also establish security plans, password rules, and other requirements for every device and server in the client’s network. Their team will monitor employees to ensure compliance with best practices. See more here: Managed IT Portland.

On their website, Managed IT proudly highlights a review from a client who has made use of these services. According to the review, Managed IT has been working with their organization on their technology needs since 2005. We have collaborated on many network upgrades, the annual deployments of laptops for our staff traveling, and many other IT projects. The engineers listen to us when we describe what we think our organization needs and propose solutions that will work! In meeting our service requirements, the engineers often go above and beyond what you would expect. Managed IT is a great technology partner.

Managed IT is excited to see what Portland businesses can achieve with the support of an experienced IT partner. Portland by phone or email.


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