Contributor’s Photo Gallery - Coming in 2010.

Contributor’s Photo Gallery Coming Soon

The page you tried to access is available on the Newswest server after January 29th, 2010.

The photograph gallery storage is a feature for Newswest and contributors to Newswest to use for both temporary and long term storage of pictures of local interest (being considered for publication in print or on-line). All photos placed on-line are considered as protected by copyright unless expressly stated otherwise. Reproduction of these images without prior permission is not tolerated. Readers and website guests are welcome to peruse this photo gallery and vote on their favorites.
Persons registering to use the gallery must show that
  • They will respect the rules of the gallery,
  • Only upload images where legal and where those images belong to them,
  • And show that they live in or very near the area served by Newswest.
If you have not contributed to Newswest, but would like to use the gallery, you should submit your request ahead of time to a board member so that your name and email will be on the list of those whose registrations will be allowed and upgraded. All other registrations that do not match the list of contributors or members of Newswest may be removed with out prior notice. Only approved registrations may post to public galleries.
Registration requires you provide a valid email address that shall be kept on file, and answer a word test.

Photographers:   Newswest and its website are appealing to the shutterbug in you to keep our pages fresh and beautiful. Simply snap some photos of the world right outside your door and upload them to the photo gallery or send them in to:

editor at newswest dot org

We look for images that capture a little piece of our community. That could be a person, a place, an event ...anything that says “community”.

Join our Contributor’s Photo Gallery and you can upload your photos there. Then email us if they should also go on the main page at 300x280px.

Images should be from within Newswest boundaries (from the O-Train tracks to Woodroffe Avenue between the Ottawa River and Carling Avenue). In your email, please include your name, telephone number and the subject and location of your photo.

Those images chosen for the Newswest website have no fixed deadline as updates are on a somewhat irregular basis, so click away and send in a small chunk of your community!

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