News from our past.

Reprinted Excerpts from the December 1980 issue of Newswest.

From the editor: You make it happen.

by Don McGillivray.

As Reuben Baetz points out in his report to us this month, this is the time of the year for reflection upon the past, and for thought towards the future.

When I reflect upon the past months, I feel very fortunate to have secured the job of editor of Newswest. For me it has been an exhilarating experience quite unlike any other I have had.

Each month and each issue has taught me something new, introduced me to somebody new, and has increased my awareness of the community in which I live. I am a lucky man.

I would be remiss if at this time I did not say thank you to you, the reader, who has welcomed Newswest into your home, and to the many volunteers who have worked faithfully behind the scenes in order that Newswest may appear each month.

I want to say thanks to our deliverers who are listed on the front page. Month after Month, they have faithfully delivered Newswest door to door for little, if any, recognition or reward. I would urge each reader to give them a pat on the back; they deserve it. Remember, Newswest could not exist without them.

Thank yous go to the young journalism students of Algonquin who have given of their time to write for Newswest. These stars of the future are; Cathy Sabiston, Marion Buttars, Estelle Yaternick, Christine Campbell, Nigel Heseltine, Sheri Young, and Lisa Watson.

Thank you to the other reporters and writers: Andrew Williams for his job in covering high school sports, Rosalind Tosh for her investigative, and thoughtful reporting, Cletus Hinds for Hindsight, Shawn Little for Voice of the Animal, Norma Fera for Law Corner, Margaret and Harold Breen for Psychology Now, Shirley Shorter for her relentless work on Heritage, Membership and Neighborly News, and to Jena Yungblut who worked as my assistant editor for several months. They all gave and received little.

Thank you to Chris Tripp for making us chuckle each month. (readers, we hear from reliable sources that another character is soon to be added to "another twenty years". Watch for him/her)

Thanks to the ladies who help out in the office. They are Sally Barber, Merle Faith, and Wendy Kelly. Each week they willingly give a few hours to answer the telephone, type manuscripts, and perform other obtuse requests for the editor.

Thank you Saul Viner for bringing in the dollars, and for keeping Newswest more or less financially sound.

Thank you Reg Hayden for co-ordinating the distribution, and for recruiting when needed.

Thank you to Tom Sparling and his Board for the support and confidence you have shown in your editor.

And a very special thanks to my wife who has to put up with it all.

What is Newswest's future? ...

Write to us and voice your opinion. Your feedback is essential if Newswest is to improve.

Seasons greetings to all, best wishes and good health in 1981.