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Reprinted Excerpts from February 1982 issue of Newswest.

The names behind Newswest
How your community newspaper functions
by Francis Rolleston

Newswest is now well into its fourth year and it seems time to describe how the paper is run and something of its history.

Newswest emerged from the Westboro Neighbourhood Study and is incorporated as a non-profit company, existing solely to produce a community newspaper. It is directed by a volunteer board, it is mainly distributed by volunteers and uses volunteer office staff, writers and other helpers. Advertising revenues, less a commission to the salesman, are used to pay a modest fee to the editor and to cover production and printing costs as well as a small amount of bulk deliveries.

Rosalind Tosh Newswest's editor, sets its character and style. She identifies stories, writes many of them, encourages prospective columnists and edits their work, takes, commissions and selects photographs, supervises and often does the layout and works with the printers, Runge Press in Renfrew. She is happiest when the telephone or the mailman brings her in contact with members of the community.

Annette Buckingham the advertising salesman ...

The board provides a general framework within which the editor and advertising salesman work and supports them in their work. Individual members play further unique functions Jack Milloy, as treasurer provides essential financial information; Reg Hayden has for two and a half years marshalled an army of volunteer distributors; Sally Barber is secretary and all the responsabilities of liason such a position demands; Brian Lackey and Barry Thompson act jointly in setting advertising policy; Charlie Clark contributes professional advice in graphics and design; Sue Mooney provides liason with the Dovercourt Recreation Association; Trent Applebe participates as an active community contact and Francis Rolleston, in his role as board chairman, co-ordinates the whole thing.

Volunteers among them Ann Davelaar, Merle Faith, Judy Issacs and Wendy Kelly help the day-day office function of the paper.

Last fall, Newswest moved its offices to the Westboro Community Centre on Dovercourt Avenue. ... However, Newswest remains an independant organization, with its own policies and outlook.

The paper's vitality is built upon it's first three years and the many who developed it to its present state. Former editors Paul Rodway, Susan Davidson and Donald McGillivray did the initial shaping of the paper. Former board members Tom Sparling, Tom Johnstone, Jackie and Ron Shouldice, Shirley Shorter and Robert Fox committed major efforts to its development. Ann Davelaar, Annette Buckingham and Peter Brown stepped in last summer to give the paper a central focus and prevent it from disappearing. Many others have given much time and effort to ensure the community has a viable vehicle of communications.

The ambition of those who work on the paper is that it is interesting and fun to read, that advertisers and residents alike profit from its existence and that it reflects the essence of the community. ...

Newswest will continue as a vibrant part of a vibrant community as long as the community wants it to. ...

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