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Reprinted from the March 1993 issue of Newswest.

Thank You to Newswest's readers.

To The Editor:

Thank You! In the January issue of Newswest, I wrote an article titled "Hello my name is...". It dealt with my personal experience of having been employed for eleven months. At that time I wrote as a means of venting my frustrations, this time I'm writing to say Thank You.

I was amazed and delighted by the response my article generated. So many people were kind enough to call and offer advice, others just wanted me to know they wished me luck in my search for employment. I was especially moved by the phone calls from people. We shared our stories and our worries, by the end of the conversation both parties felt a little bit stronger and a lot less alone

I'm pleased to say that I now am now working full time with ZipCode Software Ltd., a company located here in the west end. Mike Burrows, the marketing director of ZipCode, read my article and took the time to call me and arrange an interview. My first day of work was January 25th. It felt wonderful to be a member of the work force again.

As difficult a time as this was for me, I learned a most precious lesson. When times are tough you can really count on your neighbours. Thanks again!

Karen Peters

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