News from our past: Reprinted Excerpts from November 1985 issue of Newswest.


News from our past.

Reprinted Excerpts from November 1985 issue of Newswest.

On putting out the paper...

by Judi Dupuis

So... you think putting out a newspaper is a breeze. I mean, how difficult could it be – right? Wrong!! It's a very time-consuming, back-aching, eye-straining job. I have more respect now for those who put out dailies than I ever thought possible.

On March 12 the Newswest Board of Directors accepted the resignation of its editor, due to rather fast-moving and unforeseen circumstances. As a result, the April issue of Newswest was in jeopardy of not being published. No problem ... Ann Davelaar to the rescue!

Ann gathered all the stories, edited them and sent them to Runge Press for typesetting as waxed copy. Then she called the Board of Directors plus additional volunteers, most of whom incidentally had never done this type of work before, to assist with the next steps. These steps included layout, minor editing, paste-up and creating heads.

Layout involves presenting articles, photos and ads on each page in a pleasing design. Minor editing means cutting out words or sentences that don't fit in the allotted space, but leaving the essence of the article intact. Paste-up of the waxed copy is done on oversized dummy sheets. Then there is the job of creating headlines that are so-o-o interesting that they entice you to read the article.

I arrived late at the Westboro Community Centre on Sunday March 24. Most of the trainees were already at work in the main hall and had been there for three hours. The large tables were covered with the dummy sheets being pasted. Heads were bent, and the only sounds in the room seemed to be “Ann! Rosalind! I need you – now!” (Rosalind Tosh is chairperson of the Board of Directors and a former editor.)

There was no lunch. Just a well-timed coffee break with butter tarts thoughtfully donated to the cause by Maggie Logan.

There comes a time when grown people resort to all sorts of behavior to relieve tension, back-ache, eye-strain or just to indicate they are beginning to unravel. These signs became apparent well into the afternoon when lame jokes seemed funnier, slips of the tongue were hilarious and wit became caustic.

The day ended at 5 p.m. for those who arrived early. Those of us who arrived later concluded our day at midnight. Ann Davelaar and Rosalind Tosh also worked Monday night on writing instructions for the printer, to be attached to each dummy page. Ann completed the April issue the next night with the help of Cheryliynn Ireland. The work was then sent to Runge and turned into the paper that was distributed.

Whereupon all the helpers – Rosalind Tosh, Brian Lackey, Susan Mooney, Brian Pratt, Scott Milloy, Sid Roberts, Patrick Meikle, Barbara Green, Armand Dale, Cheryliynn Ireland, Barbara Paradis, Chris Tripp and I – breathed a deep sigh of relief!

The experience proved to be a real education combined with hard work and a lot of fun. We can all be very proud in knowing that the April issue of Newswest was the result of a true community effort. In this same spirit the community at larger should applaud the energy that went into putting out this issue. We, the volunteers, applaud Ann's commitment, patience and dedication for a job well done.

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