News from our past.

Reprinted from the October 1979 issue of Newswest.

Newswest celebrates first year

Newswest has come a long way since a group of west-end residents got together and set up a community newspaper. Last October they hired four of us and said go to it. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the people involved over the year.

First, our thanks must go to the groups and people who have provided the funds, the advertisers and Canada Works. Next, thanks to the volunteers who have written articles, provided photos and most importantly, distributed the paper. For the list of volunteer distributors last month see page 3. We also must thank others who have attended meetings and offered advice and support. And thanks to Michael Marck, John Fowler and Susan Andersen for volunteer help in developing and printing the photographs.

For the next year, we're short of funds. If you like what has been done so far, please read the notice on page 2.

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