Tom Brown Arena
141 Bayview Road (at Scott)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 4M3  Canada
613-798-8885  613-798-8945 

J.A. Dulude Arena
941 Clyde  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Z 5A6  Canada

McNabb Arena
180 Percy
OttawaOntario  K1R 6E5  Canada


Agudath Israel Congregation
1400 Coldrey Ave.
(near Kirkwood, south of Carling)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Z 7P9  Canada
613-728-3501  website

Chapel of the Holy Spirit
All Saints Anglican Church, Westboro / First United Church

347 Richmond Road
(just west of Churchill)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 0E7  Canada
613-725-9487(All Saints Anglican) 
613-232-1016 (1st United)

Bethany Baptist Church
382 Centrepointe Dr. W. (near Baseline Rd)
OttawaOntario  K2G 6A1  Canada
613-224-5611  website

Bromley Rd. Baptist Church
1900 Lauder Drive  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 1B1  Canada
613-722-2834  website

Calvin Christian Reformed Church
1475 Merivale Rd. (one block from Clyde)
OttawaOntario  K2E 5N9  Canada
613-225-2889  website

Canadian Martyrs Roman Catholic Church
100 Main Street South of Lees Ave
OttawaOntario  K1S 1C2  Canada
613-232-5347  website

Centretown United Church
507 Bank Street  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2P 1Z5  Canada
613-232-9854  website

Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa
420 Sparks Street at Bronson  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1R 5A6  Canada
613-236-9149  website

City View United Church
6 Epworth Ave. (near Pender & Rossland)
OttawaOntario  K2G 2L5  Canada
613-224-1021  website

Community of Christ Church (Ottawa)
888 Byron Ave. (corner Redwood)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 0J1  Canada
613-722-8436  website

Dominion Chalmers Church
355 Cooper St. corner O'Conner St.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2P 0G8  Canada
613-235-5143  website

First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa
30 Cleary Avenue
(off Richmond Road)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 4A1  Canada
613-725-1066613-594-8513  website

Glebe St. James United Church
650 Lyon Street South  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1S 3Z7  Canada
613-236-0617  website

Highland Park Wesleyan Church
415 Kenwood (at Roosevelt)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 0K5  Canada
613-729-1627  website

Kitchissippi United Church
630 Island Park drive
(at the Queensway, formerly Kingsway site)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 0B7  Canada
613-722-7254  website

Knox Presbyterian Church
120 Lisgar Street (at Elgin)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2P 0C2  Canada
613-238-4774  website

Northwestern United Church
241 Northwestern Avenue  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 0M1  Canada
613-722-1840613-951-7288  website

Ottawa Chinese Bible Church
307 Richmond Road  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Z 6X3  Canada

Our Lady Of Fatima Parish
153 Woodroffe Ave (near Richmond Rd)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 3T8  Canada
613-722-7661   website

Our Saviour Lutheran Church
715 Roosevelt Ave., (near Carling & Churchill Aves)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 2B9  Canada
613-722-0802  website

Parkdale United Church
429 Parkdale Avenue at Gladstone  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 1H3  Canada
613-728-8656  website

Protection of the Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Memorial Church
99 Stonehurst Avenue at Carruthers  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 4R6  Canada
613-729-1362  website

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Parish
20 Grant street  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 2Y9  Canada
613-728-4935  website

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
82 Kent corner Wellington  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1P 5N9
613-232-9042  website

St. Basil Church
940 Rex Ave. access from Maitland
(just North of the Queensway)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 2P7  Canada
613-729-5149  website

St. Francis Assisi Church
1060 Wellington St. West corner Fairmont
(beside the HCC)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  ZIP  Canada
PHONE  website

St. Georges Parish (Catholic Church)
415 Piccadilly Avenue (near Island Park & Wellington)
OttawaOntario  K1Y 0H3  Canada
613-728-0201  website

St. Joseph’s Church
174 Wilbrod St. at Cumberland
OttawaOntario  K1N 6N8?  Canada
613-233-4095  website

St. Luke’s Anglican Church
760 Somerset West, (near Dominican College)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1R 6P9  Canada
613-235-3416  website

St. Martin’s Anglican Church
2120 Prince Charles Rd.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 3L3  Canada
613-722-6077  website

St. Margaret Mary Church
7 Fairbairn Ave.
OttawaOntario  K1S 1T2  Canada
613-730-5265  website

St. Matthew’s Anglican Church
130 Glebe Ave., 217 First Ave. (near Bank)
OttawaOntario  K1S 2G5  Canada
613-234-4024  website

St. Matthias Anglican Church (OLD ADDRESS)
555 Parkdale Avenue (at the Queensway) CLOSED  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 1H9  Canada
613-728-3996  website

St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church
971 Woodroffe Avenue (just north of the Queensway)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 3G9  Canada
613-729-3384  website

St. Richard’s Anglican Church
8 Withrow Avenue (near Merivale)
OttawaOntario  K2G 2H6  Canada
613-224-7178  website

St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church
579 Parkdale Ave., corner Sherwood Drive  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 4K1  Canada
613-728-0558  website

St. Thomas the Apostle Church
2345 Alta Vista Dr. (at Randall)
OttawaOntario  K1H 7M6  Canada
613-733-0336  website

Southminster United Church
15 Aylmer Avenue at Bank Street  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1S 3X1  Canada
613-730-6874  website

Trinity United Church
1099 Maitland Avenue  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2C 2B8  Canada
613-225-3627  website

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral
1000 Byron Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 0J3  Canada
613-728-0856  website

Westminster Presbyterian Church
470 Roosevelt Avenue (south of Richmond Rd.)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 1Z6  Canada
613-722-1144  website

Woodroffe United Church
207 Woodroffe Avenue  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 3V1  Canada
613-722-9250  website   facebook page


The Bronson Centre
211 Bronson Ave, (near Lisgar?)
OttawaOntario  K1R 6H5  Canada
613-237-5550  website

Carlington Community and Health centre
900 Merivale Rd., (south of Carling)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Z 5Z8  Canada
613-722-4000  website

Churchill Seniors Recreation Centre
345 Richmond road corner Churchill Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 0E7  Canada
613-798-8927  website

Dovercourt Recreation Center
411 Dovercourt Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 059  Canada
613-798-8950  website

Fisher Park Community Centre
250 Holland Avenue  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 0Y6  Canada

Jack Purcell Community Centre
320 Jack Purcell Lane (off Elgin near Gilmour)
OttawaOntario  K2P 2J5  Canada
613-564-1050  website

Hintonburg Community Center
1064 Wellington St. West (Near Merton)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 2Y3  Canada
613-798-7987  website

Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre
102 Greenview Drive in Britannia Park
OttawaOntario  K2B 8J8  Canada
613-828-4313  website

Laroche Community Center (Laroche Park Fieldhouse)
52 Bayview Rd. West (go along Stonehurst)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  ZIP  Canada
613-  website

Odawa Native Friendship Centre ( moved -OLD ADDRESS)
12 Stirling Avenue corner Scott St.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 1P8  Canada
613-722-3811  website

Pushkin Cultural Centre
89 Stonehurst Avenue at Carruthers  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 4R6  Canada
613- ? (try 613-599-9743, previously 613-729-0159?) website

RA Centre
2451 Riverside Drive.
OttawaOntario  K1H 7X7  Canada
613-733-5100  website

Soloway JCC
21 Nadolny Sachs Private  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 1R9  Canada
613-798-9818  website

St. Brigid’s Centre
310 St. Patrick St. (at Cumberland) in Lowertown  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1N 5K5  Canada
613-244-7373  website


Carlingwood branch Library
281 Woodroffe  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 3W4  Canada
613-725-2449  Branch website

Emerald Plaza Library
1547 Merivale
OttawaOntario  K2G 4V3  Canada
613-224-7874  Branch website

Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington,  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1A 0N4  Canada
613-996-5115  website

Main Ottawa Public Library
120 Metcalfe (at Laurier)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1P 5M2  Canada
613-580-2945  OPL website website

Nepean Centrepointe Library
101 Centrepointe (Ben Franklin Place complex)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2G 5K7  Canada
613-580-2710  OPL website Branch website

Rosemount Library
18 Rosemount avenue  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 1P4  Canada
613-729-8664  Branch website


Agincourt Road Public School
1250 Agincourt Rd. at Navaho Dr. (off Maitland)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2C 2J2  Canada
613-225-2750  website

Broadview Avenue Public School
590 Broadview Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 2L8  Canada
613-728-1721  website, Parents website

Connaught Public School
1149 Gladstone Ave,parking lot from Rosemount Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 3H7  Canada
613-728-4671  website

Champlain Park Field House
149 Cowley corner Clearview,
(just off Island Park Dr.)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  ZIP  Canada

Churchill Alternative School
345 Ravenhill Avenue  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 0J5  Canada
613-722-4474  website news

Devonshire Public School
100 Breezehill Ave. N.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 2H5  Canada
613-729-3169613-729-0184  website

Dominican University College
96 Empress Avenue off Somerset
OttawaOntario  K1R 7G3  Canada

Elmdale Public School
49 Iona Street (Access from Java St)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 3L9  Canada
613-728-4653  website

Fisher Park School
250 Holland  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 0Y6  Canada
613-729-5054  website

Heritage Academy Private school
207 Bayswater Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 2G5  Canada
613-722-0133  website

Hilson Avenue Public school
407 Hilson Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Z 6B9  Canada
613-728-4607  website

Nepean High School
574 Broadview Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 2L6  Canada
613-722-6551  website

Notre Dame High School.
710 Broadview Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 2M2  Canada
613-722-6565  website

Our Lady of Fatima School
2135 Knightsbridge Road,  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 0R3  Canada
613-722-4075  website

J. H. Putman Public School
2051 Bel Air Drive,  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2C 0X2  Canada
613-225-4646  website

École élémentaire catholique Saint-François-d’Assise
35, av. Melrose,  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 1T8  Canada
613-729-1463  website

St. George School
130 Keyworth Avenue,  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 0E6  Canada
613-728-8291  website

Westboro Village Cooperative Preschool
470 Roosevelt Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 1Z6  Canada
613-728-9473  website

Woodroffe Ave. Public School
235 Woodroffe Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 3V3  Canada
613-722-6585  website


Britannia Yacht Club
2777 Cassels St
OttawaOntario  K2B 6N6  Canada
613-828-5167  website

Granite Curling Club of West Ottawa
2026 Scott St. (East of Churchill Ave, Westboro)  | * Events
OttawaOntario    Canada
613-722-1843  website

Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club
Corner Byron & Golden Ave. (Westboro)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  ZIP  Canada
PHONE  website

Club SAW Gallery
67 Nicholas St., Arts Court (2 Daly Ave)
OttawaOntario  K1N 7B9  Canada
613-236-6181  website

St. Anthony's Soccer Club
523 St Anthony St  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1R 6Z9  Canada
613-233-1083  website

Ukrainian Hall
1000 Byron Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 0J3  Canada
613-722-1372  website

The Westboro Masonic Temple
430 Churchill Ave. N (corner Byron)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Z 5C9  Canada

Tudor Hall
3750 North Bowesville Rd.
(off Riverside Drive near Hunt Club Road)
OttawaOntario  K1V 1B8  Canada
613-739-4287  website

The Royal Ottawa Golf Club
1405 Aylmer Rd.
(past the Champlain Bridge)
Gatineau, Quebec  J9H 7L2  Canada
819-777-3866  website

Building 72 Arboretum,
Central Experimental Farm

East off Prince of wales circle  | * Events
OttawaOntario  ZIP  Canada


Bronson Centre Theatre
211 Bronson Avenue (2 blocks North of Somerset)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1R 6H5  Canada
613-237-5550  website

Ben Franklin Place, Centrepointe Theatre etc...
101 Centrepointe Drive  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2G 5K7  Canada
613-580-2700  website

The Great Canadian Theatre Company,
Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre

1233 Wellington St. West (at Holland).  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 0G7  Canada
613-236-5196  website

The Gladstone
910 Gladstone Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1R 6Y4  Canada
613-233-4523  website

The Mayfair Theatre
1074 Bank St.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1S 3X3  Canada
613-730-3403 613-730-6552 website

National Arts Centre
53 Elgin Street, at Confederation Square,
OttawaOntario  ZIP  Canada
613-947-7000  website

Natalie Stern Studio,
Ottawa School of Speech and Drama

294 Picton Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Z 8P8  Canada
613-567-6788  website

Ottawa Theatre School
294 Picton Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Z 8P8  Canada
613-567-6788 613-567-4240 website

Orleans Theatre
255 Centrum Blvd.
OttawaOntario  K1E 3V7  Canada
613-834-0666  website

Ottawa Family Cinemas
710 Broadview Avenue. (Notre Dame HS Auditorium.)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 2M2  (see website for mailings) Canada
613-722-8218  website, Facebook

Ottawa Little Theatre
400 King Edward Ave.
OttawaOntario  K1N 7M7  Canada
613-233-8948  website

Rainbow Cinemas - St. Laurent Shopping Centre
1200 St. Laurent Boulevard.
OttawaOntario  K1K 3B8  Canada


Alpha Soul Café(CLOSED)
1015 Wellington W.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y ???  Canada
613-761-8000  website

Back Lane Café
1087 Wellington W.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 2Y4  Canada
613-695-2999  website

Bella’s Bistro Italiano
1445 Wellington W.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y-2X4  Canada
613-724-6439  website

Bridgehead Coffeehouse -West Wellington
1277 Wellington St. West
(at Caroline)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 3A8  Canada
613-725-5500  website

Burnt Butter Italian Kitchen
1100 Wellington W.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 2Y7  Canada
613-792-4000  website twitter

Carleton Tavern
223 Armstrong, corner Parkdale.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 2W5  Canada

The Elmdale House Tavern
1084 Wellington St. West, near Melrose across from Pinhey  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 2Y5  Canada

Le Michel-Ange Coffee Roasting Café(MOVING to GCTC)
35 Laurel Street, (north of Gladstone, east of Breezehill)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 4M4  Canada
613-601-4614   website

Newport Restaurant (Old location, now closed)
334 Richmond Road, corner Churchill  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Z 6X6  Canada
613-722-9322  website

Newport Restaurant (New Location)
322 Churchill Ave North, near Scott  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Z 5B9  Canada
613-722-9322 (613-722-9998 ?) website

West End Well Café
969 Wellington Street West, near Scott  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 2X7  Canada
613-725-0505  website


Abbeyfield Houses Society of Ottawa
425 Parkdale Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 1H3  Canada
613-729-4817  website

Aberdeen Pavillion, Lansdowne Park
1015 Bank St.
OttawaOntario  K1S 3W7  Canada

Baobab Tree Drum Dance Community, Tree House
415C Piccadilly Avenue
(back of St. George's Church)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 0H3  Canada
613-725-6994  website

Carbon Computing MOVED

1065 Wellington St. West (corner Merton)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 2Y2  Canada
613-728-5888  website

The Council on Aging of Ottawa
101-1247 Kilborn Place (near Billings Bridge Plaza)
OttawaOntario  K1H 6K9  Canada
613-789-3577  website

The Collected Works Book store (CLOSED)
1242 Wellington St. West (at Holland)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 3A4  Canada
613-722-1265  website

(New) Cube Gallery
1285 Wellington St. West  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 1B4  Canada
613-728-2111  website

Enriched Bread Artists Gallery
949 Gladstone Ave. West of Preston  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 3E5  Canada
613-729-7632  website

GigSpace Performance Studio and Art Gallery.
953 Gladstone Ave. (in Alcorn Music Studios)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 3E5  Canada
613-729-0693  website

The Gladstone Clayworks Co-op
949B Gladstone Ave. West of Preston  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 3E5  Canada
613-565-2013  website

LOAM Clay Studio
7A Hamilton Ave. N.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y ZIP  Canada
PHONE  website

Patrick John Mills Contemporary Fine Art Gallery(CLOSED)
286 Hinchey Ave.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 1M2.  Canada
613-729-0406  website

Loblaws Superstore Cooking School
190 Richmond Rd.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  ZIP  Canada

Mountain Equipment Co-op
366 Richmond Rd. between Churchill and Winston  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A 0E8  Canada
613-729-2700  website

Orange Art Gallery (New Address)
290 City Centre Ave  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1R 7R7  Canada
613-761-1500  website

Ottawa Municipal Campground
411 Corkstown Rd. off Moodie Drive N.,
(HW417-exit 138)
OttawaOntario  ZIP  Canada
613-828-6632  website

Royal Canadian Legion Westboro Branch 480
389-391 Richmond Rd.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A OE7  Canada
613-725-3475 613-725-2778  website Legion calendar

The Wall Space Gallery - Westboro
358 Richmond Rd.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K2A OE8  Canada
613-729-0003  website

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