Alpha Soul Café (CLOSED)
1015 Wellington W.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y ???  Canada
613-761-8000  website

Back Lane Café
1087 Wellington W.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 2Y4  Canada
613-695-2999  website

Bella’s Bistro Italiano
1445 Wellington W.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y-2X4  Canada
613-724-6439  website

Bridgehead Coffeehouse -West Wellington
1277 Wellington St. West
(at Caroline)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 3A8  Canada
613-725-5500  website

Burnt Butter Italian Kitchen
1100 Wellington W.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 2Y7  Canada
613-792-4000  website twitter

Carleton Tavern
223 Armstrong, corner Parkdale.  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 2W5  Canada

The Elmdale House Tavern
1084 Wellington St. West, near Melrose across from Pinhey  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 2Y5  Canada

Le Michel-Ange Coffee Roasting Café(MOVING to GCTC)
35 Laurel Street, (north of Gladstone, east of Breezehill)  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Y 4M4  Canada
613-601-4614   website

Newport Restaurant (Old location, now closed)
334 Richmond Road, corner Churchill  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Z 6X6  Canada
613-722-9322  website

Newport Restaurant (New Location)
322 Churchill Ave North, near Scott  | * Events
OttawaOntario  K1Z 5B9  Canada
613-722-9322 (613-722-9998 ?) website

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