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February 4, 2010: Newswest AGM Report.

Newswest AGM Report.
(A July readers extra: A timeless article from our older issues.)
Newswest held its annual general meeting on January 25 at the Hintonburg Community Centre. Newswest is one of the longest surviving community newspapers in Ottawa, founded in 1978. It is a volunteer organization with a ten-member board of directors. For the first time in the last several years all ten of the board positions are now filled. The directors for 2010 are: Jeff Leiper, Gary Ludington, Wayne Rodney, Monica Freedman, C. Brace, Cheryl Parrott, Paulette Dozois, Pat O’Brien, Jude Haynes and Natalie Hanson with editor Anne Duggan ex-officio.
The highlights over the past year have been: the revamping of the Newswest website, at http://www.newswest.org, to make it informative, current and fun; the new and popular history contest; and, the continuing sponsorship of the Hintonburg Kids Fun Run.
Newswest provides a forum for organizations, the community and for elected representatives to get their messages out about local events and issues.
Please check out our website at http://www.newswest.org or contact us at editor@newswest.org. We are always on the look out for articles about local events and issues.

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