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November 19, 2009: Stevenson Hardware:A Daughter’s Memories.

Stevenson Hardware:A Daughter’s Memories.
By Gary Ludington and Wayne Rodney.
(A July readers extra: A timeless article from our older issues.)
As a result of running the above noted picture we were able to contact one of Mr. Stevenson’s daughters, Mrs. Claire Cunningham. One afternoon we sat down with her and she gave us some history of the family.
Her father was Weldon Stevenson and her mother was Anne Craig. Both her parents were born in 1895.

They were married in 1922. Her father first worked as a teller at a bank in Carp, then for Robin Hood Flour. Mr. Stevenson opened the hardware store on Richmond Road before Mrs. Cunningham was born (1924), so her memories of the store are those of a young girl. She doesn’t remember what year the store closed but she does know it was because of the Depression, so perhaps it was in the late 20s.
They lived across the street along with her grandmother at 155 Richmond Road. She remembers the widening of Richmond Road and that their house had to be moved back. She also remembers her father making deliveries with a horse drawn sleigh in the winter. She visited Viva Loca after it opened and recognized the tin ceiling that also was part of her father’s hardware store.

Subsequent to the store closing, Mr. Stevenson worked selling cars for Wally Lewis and also Guest Motors in Hull. She remembers the family home on Byron Ave. at Courtney Ave. They also lived and farmed on Carling Ave. where their farm was known as Stevenson’s Farm (does anyone remember where that was?).
Her mother was a graduate of Gowling Business College, the president of which was W.E. Gowling. She worked at a department store at the corner of Rideau and Sussex Aves. and also for the Foreign Exchange Control Board, then for Louis Raminsky at the Bank of Canada.

Painted brick side of building with Advertising

Stevenson Hardware.


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