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May 19, 2011: Better safety for pedestrians. (Corrected)

Better safety for pedestrians.
By Andrea Prazmowski.

* * * There was an mix-up in the print issue. This is the article’s text that should have appeared. * * *

Neighbourhood parents can expect to breathe more easily in September, as the City will be improving safety for pedestrians at Island Park Drive and Iona St. The intersection is heavily used by students from several local schools and residents have repeatedly expressed concerns about the crossing, so the City will install a pedestrian-activated traffic light there in August.

Roland Dorsay, a board member of the Island Park Community Association, said “We have been lobbying for this for years and are delighted it’s coming to pass.”

Dorsay and other residents learned the details of the project and two others at a May 11th Open House at Fisher Park School. The intersections at Carling and Holland avenues and Carling Ave. and Island Park Dr. will also be changed to improve pedestrian safety.

Project Manager Mark McMillan explained that work at Iona will involve adding sections of sidewalk on the north side of Iona and installing a signalized crossing for pedestrian traffic only.

At Island Park Dr. and Carling Ave., the curving turn lanes will be eliminated. Drivers traveling west on Carling Ave. and then turning north on to Island Park Dr., and those turning west on to Carling Ave. from Island Park Dr., will have to use the signalized 4-way intersection and make a 90 degree turn.

At Holland Ave. and Carling Ave., a number of changes will be made to the east side crossing to shorten the distance for pedestrians, to create a staging area halfway across and improve the timing of the lights. According to information at the Open House, this intersection is one of the first to be reviewed and improved as part of the Pedestrian Safety Evaluation pilot project.

The work on the Carling Ave. intersections will likely begin in the fall, after the current work on Carling Ave. is completed, said McMillan. Anticipated cost for the three projects is $350,000. The National Capital Commission is sharing costs for the Island Park and Carling project but the City is footing the bill for the work at Iona St., he added.

“From our perspective, these are very happy improvements,” said Dorsay. However, he noted that the Clearview Ave. and Island Park intersection also sees a lot of student traffic and, “ideally we would like to see the same thing at Clearview” as will be done at Iona St.


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