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June 22, 2017: Cst Neilly’s Neighbourhood; It pays to ask questions.

June 22, 2017: Cst Neilly’s Neighbourhood;
It pays to ask questions.

By Cst Dawn Neilly, OPS.

As the old joke has it, there are only two seasons in Ottawa: winter and construction.

We’ve done winter so that leaves us with construction to get through. This could mean big projects like light rail or just maintenance you have to do around your own property. And it’s just that kind of activity that will draw out the door knockers looking to rent, sell or service something.

The person at your door will often be very plausible and, before you know it, you’ve been persuaded to sign something or to hand over cash. You could have let yourself in for a new water heater or agreed to repair work that will start once you’ve made a deposit. You find out after the fact that the new water heater isn’t the bargain you thought or that the person who had promised to repair your front walk has taken the money and run.

How does this happen? It’s a case of unscrupulous individuals taking advantage of the fact that Canadians, by and large, are trusting individuals. We find it easy to believe what we’re told by the glib talker at the door. There may well be someone who comes to your door who is legitimate and trustworthy, but it’s up to you to determine if that is, in fact, the case. It pays to ask questions.

Changes to energy distribution have made utility customers susceptible to scams and, in response, Enbridge for one, has issued some timely advice to avoid being taken in by those promoting a good deal. They warn that utility companies, municipalities and government agencies or regulatory organizations don’t send salespeople door to door.

They advise that you ask for photo ID and get the name of the person and the business. You should not share any personal information, and ask for a copy of any materials they show you.

Remember: they may want something from you but you are not obliged to give anything to anyone at your door, whether it’s your money or your signature.

Have a great constru… er, summer!


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