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May 25, 2017: Mechanicsville AGM; New Board faces new challenges.

May 25, 2017: Mechanicsville AGM;
New Board faces new challenges.

By Lorrie Marlow, MCA.

After years of watching the former City of Ottawa Bayview Yards deteriorate, Mechanicsville residents were pleased to attend the MCA’s 2017 AGM in this beautiful, modernized facility.

Councillor Leiper graciously paid for the training room of the Innovation Center so Constable Neilly could provide an Online Police Reporting Workshop as an agenda item.

The Mechanicsville Security Committee identified the need for residents to become comfortable with using this police service, which needed wifi and audiovisual equipment for such a workshop. The Innovation Center is a modern, high tech facility that could provide such equipment and it was well used and much appreciated.

The Security Committee also coordinated the Naloxone Workshop and free kit distribution held on May 17, 2017 at the Laroche Community Center with childcare provided by Somerset West Community Health Center. (To obtain a naloxone kit after this event, you need only present your OHIP card at any pharmacy.)

Councillor Leiper and West Fest founder Elaina Martin kicked off the AGM with Kitchissippi and Westfest updates. Dino Testa, former President of the Mechanicsville Community Association provided his report and the committees shared their challenges and successes of the past year.

After Dino Tesa’s President’s Report, elections were held and the MCA welcomes new board members: Brian Enright, Philippe Mineau, Anthony Bruni, Lisa Marie Inman, Jennifer Ball-Bene and John Walls. Returning members are: Chris Burke, Lorrie Marlow, Holly Cartwright, Keith Brown, Aleisha Arnusch and Sandra Walby.

Somerset West Community Health Center will have a seat on the Board and it will be filled by the new Community Resource Officer for Mechanicsville once that position has been staffed. The Mechanicsville Community Association would like to thank Dino Testa and Crystal Gallant who are both taking a much needed break. The new board has an exciting year ahead with the beginning of the rehabilitation of Laroche Park and the design of a new community center.

Along with new committee members, MCA is seeking a volunteer to maintain our website since our efficient webmaster, Frank Esposito has moved away from the area. Thank you, Frank, for keeping us informed over the years.
If you are interested in any of these positions, please send a message to: MechanicsvilleCA@gmail.com . ‘Like’ our Facebook page to keep up on the exciting times in Mechanicsville.

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