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May 11, 2017: Emerging Artists Kristiana Dudley and Max K. Black; Art, Science, Whimsy and Determination.

May 11, 2017: Emerging Artists Kristiana Dudley and Max K. Black;
Art, Science, Whimsy and Determination.

By Tim Thibeault and M.K. Black.

Local artist Kristiana Dudley has been drawn to both science and art for almost as long as she can remember. As a small child she watched, fascinated as Bill Nye the-Science-Guy demonstrated the amazing potential of Science, on television.

Years later, armed with a Bachelor of Arts from Mount Allison University, and an unrelenting curiosity about nature and the people around her, the Westboro resident is playing with the notion of combining education with entertainment as she sketches out plans for a career that will involve both, and still allow time for personal pursuits.

When asked about specific goals in science and how these can meld with art, she mentions a fascination with scientific articles that need visual illustration. Current scientific illustration is a cut-and-dried ‘just the facts’ undertaking that relies on a reader’s predetermined interest in a particular subject to keep that reader engaged. It’s practical, matter of fact, and very dry.

To avoid the distancing effect of a purely dry, facts-only presentation, Kristiana is interested in using the graphic novel format to illustrate scientific articles and concepts. This approach, she hopes, could provide a means of engaging young people and encouraging further study while still providing and clarifying the information to be presented.

In Kristiana’s words, “Information that should be common knowledge is being skimmed over or skipped altogether. Digital technology and modern techniques can make challenging articles more accessible and therefore more appealing to a modern audience.”

With a portfolio packed with scientific illustration, painting, photography, animation and sculpture, Kristiana’s abilities are well documented. Her goal now is to combine these interests without losing track of the online and local commissions that are allowing her to look further afield in pursuing her interests.

Kristiana’s idea of success involves cultivating the ability to choose what projects she will do next, and when. The smaller projects that allow her to pursue higher goals present a constant demand on time and energy. As with many artists at the beginning of their careers, the small details and deadlines grow larger and more demanding the closer they get. Too often, the demands of right now overpower hopes and plans for what could be.

Still, an artist must be versatile and determined, today as in the past. Kristiana Dudley is looking forward eagerly, but keeping an eye on where she has been. As she put sit, “It’s important to remember where you’ve been in order to plan successfully for where you want to go.

Artist in portait pose

…forward eagerly

Photo Caption: Westboro artist Kristiana Dudley wants to combine art and science to make technical issues more accessible to those inclined to skim over details and dry reading material in favour of action packed graphic novel illustration.

Kristiana’s portfolio can be found on-line at http://kdudley.portfoliobox.net .

Levity and Gravity.

We are profoundly shaped by the nurseries that build us.

As an emerging visual artist, it is rare that one gets the opportunity to be the subject of an article in the press, much less to have the opportunity to write such an article oneself. However such is the case today, as I sit by the glow of my computer.

It is the gift of the community newspaper – stories that elevate personal moments to centre stage while simultaneously encouraging voices, often ignored, to take the stand.

Situated at the Lorraine Fritzi Yale Gallery, on the second floor of the GCTC, my current exhibit of oil paintings “Levity and Gravity” feels well placed in Ottawa’s west end.

Having been a resident of Hintonburg since age four, running through my mother’s shirt shop, then later opening the AlphaSoul Cafe at the very same Hintonburg location, it seems appropriate that my first showing should find itself nestled here.

The collection of 10 works, features a mix of standalone paintings as well as corresponding installations (including gilded arrows and a designated texting area) that pull the viewer into the action.

In a consistent backdrop of bubblegum pink, paratrooper mice drift through the skies to land on an assault rifle in one piece, while in another painting little girls tend to a tea party as macaroons cascade from above.

Dancing in whimsy, and tipping into the unbridled, the works are both joyful and unnerving. In contrast to my previous work, this exhibit dares to find light in the gravity. It is not a world of black and white, but rather a world between, where right and wrong lose meaning. It is a tumble of opposing ideas, each reaching out to embrace the other.

This is an exhibit where the viewer’s emotional involvement as well as physical involvement comes into play. I want to immerse the viewer. Faced with what is in front of you, and around you, how will you react? Essentially, in each piece, I have given you a story.

You write the ending.
~ Max K Black.

“Levity and Gravity” will be on display until May 13 at the Fritzi Gallery. 2nd floor of the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre – 1233 Wellington Street West.

Photo of woman in white flower hat, water streaming over her face and hair.


Photo Caption: ‘Emerging artist’ and Hintonburg native, Max K Black, whose exhibition “Levity and Gravity” runs at the GCTC until May 13. Photo courtesy of M. K. Black.

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