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May 11, 2017: Letters to Newswest; City Council Opens the Flood Gates.

May 11, 2017: Letters to Newswest;
City Council Opens the Flood Gates.

By Gary Ludington.

On April 12, 2017 Ottawa City Council approved a recommendation from Planning Committee based on its meeting held March 28th. This approved a Zoning By-law Amendment for 1960 Scott Street (Trailhead) permitting a 22-storey mixed use building.

Mayor Watson totally agreed with the decision mainly because this 22-storey building would be across Scott Street from Westboro Station and we should expect such development. Ironically this approval includes 4 levels of underground parking for 245 spaces even though it is across the street from the current Westboro Station and the future station.

In citing reasons to permit the 22-storeys for this site the City Planner quoted from sections of the Community Design Plan (CDP), even though when City Council passed the CDP July 9, 2007, we specifically zoned this area for 4-storeys to 6-storeys as we anticipated development in the area because of the location of Westboro Station. We also anticipated development of the airspace over the station as well as the former CBC site. The city having ‘opened the flood gates’ will have no problem approving the 19-storey proposal on the North West corner which should be heard at Planning Committee and rubber-stamped shortly.

We keep hearing there are problems with the CDP that was approved July 2007 and followed by the Secondary Plan the following year. We have asked on different occasions including at the Planning Committee meeting of March 28th that the city fix both. Guess who wrote the CDP and the Secondary Plan that have so many problems? …City Planning Staff.

Is that the reason they can’t be reopened and fixed? That the monstrosities being approved would not be approved? That what the community worked on and wanted per the CDP (written by staff and approved by Council) would be what was approved and might even be supported by the Ontario Municipal Board?

Why can’t staff bite the bullet and fix the problems? Maybe if we as residents inundate Planning Committee and staff on all of these developments, with letters requesting the changes, and attend Planning Committee as a community, change may happen.

Gary Ludington.

map (not to scale) shows close proximity of station and future building.

Hop Skip and Jump distance.

Photo Caption: Almost directly across Scott Street from the existing Westboro Station on the LRT route, an approved Zoning Bylaw Amendment will allow 4 levels of underground parking for 245 vehicles under a 22-storey building. The area was previously zoned for 4 to 6 storeys. Image courtesy of T. Hairbach.

Old Trailhead building and Farmboy sign

When zoning mattered…

Photo Caption: Flashback to 2016… when density and heights were in still keeping with the houses behind the site.


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