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March 16, 2017: Vance Fandrey 1942 – 2017; Community activist.

March 16, 2017: Vance Fandrey 1942 – 2017;
Community activist.

By Hintonburg Economic Development Committee.

Vance Fandrey passed away suddenly February 19, 2017. A gentle, kind, caring and humble man, Vance was one of the driving forces behind the transformation of Hintonburg over the last 25 years. He was also the soulmate, best friend and husband of fellow community activist, Cheryl Parrott.

Vance believed strongly in the principles of fairness, social justice, community development, and that every voice has equal value. He endeavored to live those principles every day. He grew up in Ebenezer, Saskatchewan and got much of his schooling in the last of the rural one-room schoolhouses. It was a wonderful education and he cherished those good memories.

Starting out as an academic, Vance later found his true calling was working with his hands. In 1979 he quit his job with the federal government to renovate his first house. Carpentry and woodwork became his passion – his artistic expression and outlet.

Vance’s other passion was this community. 25 years ago he starting planting flowers in 5 local parks and he placed 40 oak barrels full of flowers on Wellington Street every summer until 2008.

These were tough years in Hintonburg and Vance recognized that beautification and activism were needed if things were to improve for residents.

Festivals in the parks, fund-raising BBQ’s, Carleton Tavern Street Dances, Jambourees, St. Patty’s Day floats, Police volunteer work with Home Security Audits, founding member and speaker at John School, helping install the blue spruce at Somerset Square, installing and maintaining Christmas lights at Somerset Square for many years are just some of the projects Vance Fandrey initiated.

He spearheaded efforts that raised thousands of dollars for victims of fires starting with the fire at the Caisse Populaire in 2000 – an effort that raised $8,000 for those who had lost everything.

One cold winter in the 1990’s Vance spearheaded the Hintonburg Supper Club to support the struggling restaurants in the community.

Vance had a strong sense of what needed to be done and was always there with his tools and van to make it happen. He was the idea guy but he also had the skills, energy and the ability to figure out how to accomplish what needed to be done. He could MacGyver anything to allow the many events to happen – he would just say “leave it to me”.
In 2001 he co-founded the Hintonburg Economic Development Committee to partner community and businesses to improve the neighbourhood. HEDC held 6 annual festivals in the parks for many years, and raised well over $ 60,000 that has been re-invested in beautification, youth programming and play equipment. Vance was always part of the Green Team at the Carleton Christmas Day Meal – diverting well over 90% of waste into recycling.

A Celebration of Life was held Saturday March 4 at the Carleton Tavern. Vance worked with the owners of the Carleton for close to 25 years on all kinds of fund-raising events that benefitted Hintonburg and greater Ottawa. It was the perfect place for the last farewell.

Rest in Peace. Your work made a lasting difference.


Missed by Many.

Photo Caption: Vance Fandrey, community builder, social activist, friend. Photo courtesy of C. Parrott.


Santa’s Good Friend.

Photo Caption: Vance and bearded friend at a Carleton Christmas Day Meal.

collage of images from 2001 Hintonburg tulip festival

Tulip organizer.

Photo Caption: The 2001 Tulip festival, and Vance and the white van that delivered.


At rest.

Photo Caption: Vance and Cheryl in later years.



Photo Caption: Jeff Leiper and Cheryl Parrott at the Carleton Tavern on March 4 for a Celebration of Life to bid farewell to an reliable, kind friend and community stalwart.


Accolades and Accomplishments.

Photo Caption: The March 4 Celebration of Life included a display featuring Vance’s community involvement with just some of his awards, newspaper articles, photos, certificates and hand-made toys and sculptures as well as his tool belt and his trade-mark lion’s head belt buckle which Vance wore for most of his adult life.

images of 2 newswest front page in sepia tone effect


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