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February 16, 2017: Online Crime Reporting; Free Training Session April 11th.

February 16, 2017: Online Crime Reporting;
Free Training Session April 11th.

By Mechanicsville Community Association (MCA).

Online crime reporting? It’s discreet. It’s easy, and OPS is ready to show you how.

When pressed about the recent announcement of a training session scheduled for April 11 at the Bayview Innovation Centre, community activist Lorrie Marlow laughed and admitted that it was, in fact, her idea.

As she tells it, “Well actually it came from a discussion at the MCA Security Committee meeting with Constable Neilly. She advised us that we really don’t have much crime reported in Mechanicsville although we do have lots of crime and suspicious activity.”

Marlow continued, “As the MCA security committee found, people would tell us about suspicious activity and incidents, but wouldn’t call or report it. A resident recently told the Committee about a group of men in two cars that appear regularly at Laroche Park and sit together. These men had no dogs or children and were not adulterous lovers cavorting in the bushes (which happens often at Laroche Park.) This observant resident provided a picture of the car plates and it was reported to the City Police.  As it turned out, the car plates were of significant interest and were important ‘intel’ to City Police.”

Constable Neilly advises that such information can be very important, and can slow down or stop a rash of crime from hitting other communities. In discussions with residents, the MCA Security Committee started to realize several things:

  • Many of our residents don’t have internet or nearby access to public internet. If residents have to walk to Rosemount Library to access public computers, they will not do it, especially on a cold snowy night with children in tow;
  • If they get limited access to public computers at Rosemount, they won’t waste their allotted time reporting suspicious activity to police.
  • Many of our residents are elderly and not comfortable with computers.
  • Many of our residents are new Canadians and not comfortable with police at all.

However the youth are comfortable with computers and can help their elders and caregivers.  We thought a reporting workshop in the sexy, new high-tech training room at the Bayview Innovation Center would be both a social and educational activity. Someone in a position to make a difference agreed, and the workshop was greenlight-ed. This workshop is open to residents of neighboring communities as well.



Photo Caption: Event Poster.
Text appearing in poster:
“Learn how to report on-line”
“Join us for a free training session.”
“Where: Innovation Centre, 7 Bayview Road.”
“When: April 11th, 2017 7 pm”.
“Ottawa Police Service”,
“Service de Police d’Ottawa”,
“A Trusted Partner in Community Service”,
“Un partenaire fiable de la sécurité communautaire”.

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