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January 19, 2017: Provincial Report; A Greener, Cleaner Ottawa Community.

January 19, 2017: Provincial Report;
A Greener, Cleaner Ottawa Community.

By Yasir Naqvi, MPP Ottawa Centre.

Happy New Year! I truly hope that you had a wonderful holiday season with love, laughter and many great memories. This year, 2017, is undoubtedly going to be one to remember.

As we look around our amazing community this New Year, it is hard to miss Ottawa’s tree lined streets, majestic Rideau Canal and natural landscapes fused in our urban lifestyle. Ours is a community that truly exemplifies living in harmony with nature and not despite it.

That is precisely why Ontario is so dedicated to paving a greener future for everyone.

Working towards a more environmentally sustainable community requires action on all fronts. As the proud owner of an Electric Vehicle (EV) myself, I know firsthand that this movement will take one person and family at a time. That is why our government is building nearly 500 EV charging stations across the province.

We have heard from constituents who are eager to buy an EV but have “range anxiety”, that is the worry that the vehicle battery will run out of power before the destination or a suitable charging point is reached.

We are working with 24 public and private sector partners at over 250 locations across the province to build these additional, strategically-placed charging stations, relieving “range anxiety”.

One step at a time, our government is making the idea of owning and driving an EV a reality and not a futuristic concept.

In Ottawa, I am happy to announce that our community will be getting 19 new EV charging stations at 10 different locations. Here is a list:

  • Ben Franklin Place – 101 Centrepointe Drive,
  • IKEA – 2685 Iris Street,
  • St. Hubert – 2484 Boulevard St. Joseph,
  • McDonalds – 670 Bronson Avenue,
  • City of Ottawa Fire Administration Building – 1445 Carling Avenue,
  • Ottawa Public Parking Lot – 687 Somerset,
  • St. Hubert – 4010 Riverside Drive,
  • Ottawa Park and Ride – 3347 Fallowfield Road,
  • Tim Horton’s – 989 River Road,
  • Ottawa Park and Ride – 130 Earl Grey Drive.

The addition of these charging stations will create an unprecedented network of public, EV charging stations in cities, along highways, at workplaces and other public centres across our great province. The entire extended charging network will be in service by March 31, 2017. Charge it up.

Everywhere I go in our community, I can see the EV movement is in full-swing. People in Ottawa Centre want a long-term, sustainable solution to transportation. And you can be a part of it too.

Ontario’s Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (EVIP) is an application-based grant program that helps make EVs more affordable for Ontarians by providing a financial incentive for the purchase or lease of eligible new EVs. You can find out more information at http://Ontario.ca/electricvehicles .

If you have any questions about Ontario’s discounts for EV purchases or, charging stations across our community, please do not hesitate to contact my office. You can even email and ask about my own experience driving an EV.

My office is accessible through: ynaqvi.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org or 613-722-6414 .

Man at back of car pointing at markingt.


Photo Caption: Yasir Naqvi’s EV. Photo provided by Mai Habib.


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