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December 8, 2016: Photo Essay: Christmas Craft Sale Inspires; Child’s eye view of the 2016 HCC Craft Fair.

December 8, 2016: Photo Essay: Christmas Craft Sale Inspires;
Child’s eye view of the 2016 HCC Craft Fair.

By Eve Sutton, HCC “Kids Create” Participant.

We went to the Craft fair at Hintonburg Community Center. We met so many interesting people with jobs, hobbies or just for fun crafts.

like a map of Edmonton in a framed polished wood marquetry

Flat Earth Designs.

Photo Caption: When we went around the Craft fair James Bomhof’s work caught our eyes. He made wooden earths out of a piece of flat wood. He told us he got a flat piece of wood and used a laser cutter to carve in the land on the earth. The masterpieces he made were so interesting. If you want to see more on James Bomhof, go to: http://www.woodenearthmaps.ca .

multiple iridescent small oil pasintings

Any which way.

Photo Caption: Then we met Vivian Joynt who was an artist. She made original artwork that some of it had been exhibited at the National Gallery of Canada. Vivian made artwork that you could put any way you wanted – even upside down. In one of her art pieces, Vivian made a dragon hidden in the masterpiece.

2 bearded xmas ornaments

Felt Feelin’

Photo Caption: Next to her, we met Sarah Turner who needle felted cat toys and Christmas ornaments. She took a needle with three points and stuck it into felt to shape it into animals or shapes. She ended up making foxes and little Christmas ornaments. Sarah even showed us the way she would stick the needles into the felt.

2 pens on a paper with many signatures written

Puzzle Pen and Fountain Friend.

Photo Caption: We walked around and saw some exquisite pens. His name was Jonathan. He made one-of-a-kind fountain and rollerball pens handmade. The name for his business was Distinctive Woodworking because he made his pens out of distinctive wood and other materials. Jonathan told us that some of his pens were made from pinecones. He showed us a classic puzzle pen with each puzzle piece was a piece of wood cut out. These could make the perfect gift for someone, so visit http://www.distinctivewoodworking.ca .

pack of xmas cards with Ottawa scene

Cards for Community.

Photo Caption: We also saw people called Holly Beanlands and Caryn Brown who did a Causeway Foundation that was for empowering people and strengthening our community. They had professional artist’s work that let them use it and were selling them to help mental illnesses. Their website was: http://www.causewayfoundation.org.

lovely multi-colored folded bows on a red background.

Butterfly Beaus.

Photo Caption: We met Audrey Duchesneu and Ella Mason who did some top notch crafts. They were selling some beautiful drawings they made and some homemade little bows. They did it for the fun of it. They weren’t adults either! I don’t know how old they were but it seemed like they were tweens.

funny dill pickle tak on the story of the 3 wise men.

Gold, Frankengents and Pickle.

Photo Caption: Adam Casdeac did cards that she drew but edited it on the computer. Again, she was a kid. Adam drew pictures and used the computer to colour them in because she didn’t like hand colouring. She did some excellent art.

hot dog mustard and catsup fridge magnets in the foreground

Hey Bun come’re.

Photo Caption: Beside, we saw Justyna Dawidowicz who was an adult, selling cards too. She made some fridge magnets. Her cards were all food. Justyna gave free magnets to kids of either pickles or sausages at the Craft fair. It was so professional. She is a painter and illustrator.http://www.etsy.com/shop/justynasroom .

collage of 2 images, on the left necklaces with gears, on the right small steam engines for earrings.

Geared to go.

Photo Caption: A family of three were selling at a table together. James Moran is a writer as a job and Anita Dolman does steampunk jewelry such as necklaces and earrings. Dylan Moran-Dolman who was James’ and Anita’s son, does Rainbow loom crafts and bead necklaces.  They were so well made.

Thank you for reading this article and hope you enjoyed it!
Writer Eve Sutton and photographer, Nathan Taller are participants in the Hintonburg Community Centre’s ‘Kids Create’ program.

large variety of handcrafted pens on display table

Signing off..

Photo Caption: The variety of crafts available, including these handcrafted pens from Distinctive Woodworking amazed our reviewers with their intricacy and designs. Photo by Nathan Taller, HCC ‘Kids Create’ participant.

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