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November 24, 2016: 90 Angry People; Stuffed into 1 Happy Goat.

November 24, 2016: 90 Angry People;
Stuffed into 1 Happy Goat.

By Hintonburg Community Association.

“90 Angry People Stuffed into 1 Happy Goat” is the comment that brought some laughter to a very serious and packed Community Safety meeting called by Councillor Jeff Leiper and the Hintonburg Community Association (HCA).

The meeting was very quickly organized for November 10th to talk about recent and very disturbing crimes in the area. Specifically; multiple gunshots on October 21st, swarmings on October 22nd and 23rd, and a stabbing early on the morning of November 5, 2016, all instances around or within 2 blocks of Bayswater and Somerset.

Police confirmed there are links from the shooting and stabbing to the Vibe Café located at the intersection of Bayswater and Somerset.

Many, many stories were heard that evening of the recent events, but also of events over the last 4 years. Including; noise, fighting, violence, threats to life, residents’ fear entering their own property, threats to residents’ lives, property damage, drinking and drugs in the back lane. All residents linked these issues to the Vibe Café.

The HCA had opposed the Liquor License Application for the Vibe in early 2013 but it was granted with conditions on the license.

Less than 6 months later there was the first shooting outside the Vibe. In February 2016 the Vibe Liquor License was revoked – since then drinking alcohol in the back lane has become the norm. Meetings with the owner of the Vibe Café and the owner of the building have yielded no results.

Several strategies are being worked on. A call for increased Police presence especially Friday and Saturday nights was heard loud and clear. Councillor Leiper and HCA will work with Cst. Neilly to help residents organize some Neighbourhood Watches in the area as well as to conduct some Safety Audits of the back lanes. Writing Community Impact Statements to send to the City and Chief of Police was also suggested.

The stories heard that evening provided some new information. Anyone with information please contact: Councillor Leiper – Jeff.Leiper@ottawa.ca , the HCA – info@hintonburg.ca , and Cst. Dawn Neilly – NeillyD@ottawapolice.ca .

Remember to report:

  • For Noise contact; ‘3-1-1’ or better yet, e-mail 311@ottawa.ca but Keep the Service-Request-Number whichever way you report. By-law is not likely to get there quickly so the Service Request Number provides an important record of complaints. Numbers of complaints do count, especially when complaints are from a variety of different people.
  • Contact Police for; alcohol outside, fights, yelling, arguments, damage to property, drugs, aggressive behaviour. If it is in progress call 613-230-6211 to ask for an officer to be sent, or 9-1-1 if there is life threatening danger or a crime in progress. If you report this as “noise” you will be quickly transferred to By-Law when it could be a police matter.
  • For reporting after the fact: On-line go to https://ottawapolice.ca or call 613-236-1222 x 7300 if no on-line access is available.
  • If you want to report anonymously remember your only option is Crime Stoppers for non-urgent issues, call 1-800-222-8477 or visit http://crimestoppers.ca .

Thanks to Happy Goat Coffee on Laurel for making their place available to a packed crowd.

This is a community problem, and by acting together we can solve it as a community.


Problem reported.

Photo Caption: Considered a focal point of local crime complaints, the Vibe Lounge carries on without a liquor licence, with patrons accused of rowdy and dangerous behaviour in the surrounding neighbourhood’s common areas. Photo by T. Hairbach


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