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Web-extra (September 29, 2016): Opinion: That Pesky Bridge; A Follow up!

Web-extra (September 29, 2016): Opinion: That Pesky Bridge;
A Follow up!

On Sept. 20, less than 24 hours after a new, less expensive, gate was installed to keep people off the Prince of Wales Train Bridge, that new gate was broken and people were back on the bridge.

The following quote from the Sept. 1 Newswest article suggests that a logical approach is not always the first recourse at City Hall.

“Attempts to block public access to the bridge have consistently turned into challenges to adolescent creativity and vandalism, with added expenses for repairs.”

Understanding that this bridge has been de facto community property for generations, (and that some in the community seem to take this matter personally) might help those at City Hall to make sound, fiscally sensible decisions.

The real conflict here seems to be whether the people will comply with the demands of politicians, or whether City Hall will respect the will of the people. A more recent suggestion to resolve this quandary comes from councillors at the other end of the bridge who have begun to move on the idea that sooner or later, Ottawa and Gatineau will need an added public transportation connection and the Prince of Wales bridge seems a likely route.

Ottawa City Hall warns that the now increased presence of Bylaw officers will mean fines for trespassers, and passes responsibility for this decision on to the federal government whose orders for the prevention of trespassing are merely being followed by civic officials.

There is an answer and a more effective response to be found. With so many concerned parties and levels of government involved, it is tempting to believe that a solution is there to be found, but will it be too expensive? Too soon? Too easy? Who’s to say?

There is a compromise. The challenge now is to find and recognize it.

vanishing point to the upper left, a view through the righthand

Graying Infrastructure

Photo Caption: Even gray afternoon skies are picturesque.

near side of bridge shaded in greenery

Summer-colour-covered bridge

Photo Caption: A sunny summer view decked out in living greenery.

low res photo expanded and oilified to creat artwork of people on bridge

Pastoral Perspective

Photo Caption: The spot is ideal for artists. (Digital art based upon a submitted photo.)


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