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May 26, 2016: Thank you very Mulch!; Guerrilla gardeners get a hand.

May 26, 2016: Thank you very Mulch!;
Guerrilla gardeners get a hand.

By Lorrie Marlow, Recreation Association of Hintonburg.

Attention all guerrilla gardeners in the ‘hood, start up your wheelbarrows. If you or your community group maintain a local park, flower bed or vegetable garden on city land, or on neglected or abandoned property (i.e.: embankment of the Queensway) well have I got the mulch for you. We are looking for the funkiest guerrillas garden in Hintonburg, Mechanicsville and West Wellington.

The Recreation Association of Hintonburg (RAH) and Plant Pool Recreation Association (PPRA) applied for funding from the City of Ottawa’s Community Environmental Projects Grant Program for their “Thank you very Mulch” initiative. And we had some success.

Both groups wanted mulch and manure to improve soils for local community parks, flower beds and vegetable gardens. Mulch, which helps conserve moisture, improve soil fertility, and reduce weed growth, also enhances the visual appeal of neglected areas. Moreover, we have arranged the purchase from local distributors, of composted pine mulch and manure which will be delivered to our communities in the near future. Newswest’s horticultural experts recommend mulch be applied once the earth has warmed up in mid to late June.

PPRA needed this material for the beautiful flower beds outside the Plant Pool at the corner of Somerset and Preston. They are also seeking volunteers to help spread the manure and mulch, and to water these gardens on a regular basis.

These flower beds surrounding the statue and benches were started by local volunteers when Plant Pool was built years ago. Well, these volunteers are now seniors who REALLY, REALLY need some help.

If you live in a high-rise or lack a garden but want to get your hands dirty, PPRA needs you. See the website and send a message: http://www.plantpool.org .

RAH is seeking contact with community groups that have adopted, or unofficially maintain our local pocket parks and guerrilla gardens. In research, most local parks are formerly adopted but may now be maintained by local gardeners who are not affiliated with the original group that adopted the park.

No worries here; RAH would like to get this material to the gardeners and groups that make the difference. We have already been contacted by Mechanicsville Community Association for the flower beds at Laroche Park. The guerrilla gardeners next to the Hintonburg Market have reached out to RAH already. The groups who maintain the Friendship Park on Bayview and the Stirling/Carruthers Park have requested participation. RAH will need pictures taken before, during and after, for the final funding report.

Please contact us to qualify your guerrilla garden for mulch delivery. If you are interested in helping any of these groups with this environmental project, let us hook you up with them. Please contact: HintonburgRecreationAssociation@yahoo.ca


Ed: Are you are a community group or a non-profit organization looking for an opportunity to put your environmental ideas into action? The City of Ottawa is now accepting applications for the 2016 Community Environmental Projects Grant Program (CEPGP). CEPGP provides funding to community groups and non-profit organizations in Ottawa to undertake environmental stewardship projects that improve storm-water management, enhance and protect natural systems, or reduce environmental impact. The application deadline is Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.


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