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Web-extra (May 26, 2016): Back to the Future? Hmm…;DVD rentals re-emerge in Hintonburg.

Web-extra (May 26, 2016): Back to the Future? Hmm…;
DVD rentals re-emerge in Hintonburg.

By Carol Paschal.

As you may have noticed, the Audiovideo Centre at 1097 Wellington St. West underwent some noticeable changes in recent months. Alexei Korolev, who has owned the store almost 15 years, approached business owner Alain Quesnel about providing DVD rentals to complement the DVDs, games, music CDs and videos already available for sale and trade.

Why would Alexei and Alain decided to go against the tide? Alexei was interested in offering his customers additional services and Alain was looking for a small brick and mortar store in the neighbourhood at which he could offer his DVD rentals. Together they have initiated a specialized movie rental service, in addition to the previously available products.

As it turns out, Alain has been in the video/DVD rental business across Québec and Ontario since 1989. Perhaps not surprisingly, he loves movies and prefers the experience of watching movies on TV rather than a mobile phone. Alain views the Audiovideo Centre as almost a vintage business and thinks it creates a nice synergy with The Record Centre next door. He believes that people miss “physical media” such as DVDs and predicts a resurgence of physical media similar to the renewed interest in vinyl records.

Alain acknowledged that he and Alexei were not sure how DVD rentals would be received in the neighbourhood but after six months in business things are going even better than expected. Initially some people were hesitant about renting DVDs because they were used to buying. However, they changed their minds once they saw the selection of movies available and decided to give renting a try. There are now dedicated clients who rent every week and the number of members has increased by 25% each month. New members sign up each day despite the fact that the store has not done any special publicity.

In addition to the TV shows, rentals include classic movies and new releases from a variety of genres such as drama, comedy, science-fiction and action. International films are also available including French language films from Quebec and elsewhere, which attract not only local residents but folks from Gatineau. The store also stocks small movies that don’t get a lot of air-time and which can lead to new discoveries. As Alain pointed out, “Sometimes the best movies are the ones you’ve never heard of.”

Membership is free and the 7-day rates are very affordable. The first rental is free and they also have a “friend referral program”. Movies are available in Blu-ray format and the store will soon be stocking ultra-high definition movies (4K resolution). Check out https://www.facebook.com/audiovideocentreottawawellington for news about the latest titles. Then buy some popcorn, grab a friend and head on down to the Audiovideo Centre for your trip back to the future….or forward the past.

You Got Vids!

You Got Vids!

Photo Caption: Bow DeLorey-Tully, Audiovideo Centre employee standing by the DVD racks.

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