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April 14, 2016: Letter to the Editor; Rochester Park Plans.

April 14, 2016: Letter to the Editor;
Rochester Park Plans.

By Gary Ludington.

After so many years of inaction, the NCC, on March 23rd, showed us some ideas for the Sir John A. MacDonald Linear Park. This is a result of the City agreeing to an NCC appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board regarding the property known as Rochester Park. The NCC’s ideas are available for viewing on their website – http://www.ncc-ccn.gc.ca/capital-planning/public-meetings/calendar-events/public-consultation-plan-sir-john-a-macdonald-parkw

We, as residents of the Westboro area, have until April 13th to submit our thoughts and/or support for what is being proposed.

The initial diagram provided by the City as a result of the 100 day agreement showed what I thought appeared as a large amount of usable green space immediately West of the Keg Manor Restaurant. What the NCC presented on March 23rd is three possible scenarios for Rochester Park.

Added to the possible scenarios are six levels of “Animation Intensity”. Unfortunately it appears the NCC, with the new zoning agreed to by the City for the site, has thoughts of developing the property in a way that would minimize the green space. The City could have had more than one zoning applied to the property and one of them could have restricted the portion to the property to the west of the restaurant as L1 or O1 which would have maintained the use of the property to enhance the community use.

I applaud what the NCC is hoping to achieve with other parts of this plan such as more and safe access to the river, shoreline restoration, greater safety for pedestrians and cyclists and re-vegetation/habitat enhancement. However I would like to see that Rochester Park be just that – a park. I am hoping local residents agree.


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