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Web-extra (March 17, 2016): Letter to the Editor: “Advisory Bike Lanes” on Byron? Disappointing!

Web-extra (March 17, 2016): Letter to the Editor;
“Advisory Bike Lanes” on Byron? Disappointing!

Dear Editor,

I am deeply concerned about the proposed “advisory bike lanes” for Byron Avenue. As someone who has lived next to Byron Avenue my entire life and cycled regularly, I have observed its traffic patterns in every season, and for more than a few weeks at a time. I feel it is a huge mistake to go ahead with this plan. The way Byron Avenue is configured currently, it is more than wide enough for cyclists to ride on the road while still allowing for cars to drive safely in two separate lanes. Cyclists are not currently a problem for motorists on Byron Avenue as there is plenty of room to overtake them safely.

An overwhelming majority of the traffic that uses Byron Avenue is and will continue to be vehicle traffic. Byron Avenue is quite busy at certain times of the day. If there is not room for two cars to pass without going in to a bike lane then cycling on Byron will be a problem as drivers will have to be in the bike lanes almost constantly to allow oncoming traffic to pass. This will not increase cycling safety. The proposed advisory bike lanes may push more car traffic on to smaller residential streets as frustrated drivers avoid Byron Avenue altogether.

A point that the city planners appear to have completely overlooked is the fact that most of Byron Avenue already has a popular multi-use path running parallel to it that allows bicycles. Less confident or younger riders already can and do make use of this path instead of riding on the street with the cars. I learned to ride and cycled to elementary school along this path for seven years as a child. Why do we need to spend tax dollars modifying Byron Avenue when appropriate facilities for both bicycles and cars already exist and are being used today?

Nick Brooks.

[Ed: here are some links to better understand what these bike lanes are for Ottawa.

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