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March 17, 2016: Federal Report; Refugee goals met.

March 17, 2016: Federal Report;
Refugee goals met.

By Catherine McKenna, MP, Ottawa Centre.

National Capital Commission Governance Reform:
Reforming the governance of the National Capital Commission (NCC) was one of my campaign commitments. I am thrilled that the NCC board has recently decided to invite the Mayors of Ottawa and Gatineau to participate in board meetings as observers. I welcome this approach which allows for critical local input. I am also very pleased about the intention to include representation from Aboriginal people on the Commission’s Board.

Former American Embassy on Wellington Street:
Another campaign commitment was to see this fine building contributing again to city life for Ottawa residents and tourists. As a first step, Mayor Watson, Senator Serge Joyal, and I toured the building in late February and got a sense for future possibilities for the site, including a possible portrait gallery.

This is also something I have heard a lot about from residents, both recently and during my campaign. Stay tuned for more in the coming months – with the upcoming 150th birthday of our country, the public’s attention is focused on the nation`s capital, and it would be great to give this space a new life.

Syrian Refugees:
Canada has now welcomed more than 25,000 Syrian refugees and has met the commitments of a quick and successful resettlement effort without compromising security or health requirements.

Attention now turns to helping them integrate successfully into Canadian society. Syrian refugees have gone to communities where there are settlement supports in place, with consideration given to whether they have family members in Canada, as well as to the availability of schools, and housing.

Privately sponsored refugees have gone to the community where their sponsor lives. In both cases, Syrian refugees will begin, over the next few months, to access settlement services including language classes, employment services such as help finding jobs, professional mentorship programs, and workshops that focus on the requirements for building a successful life in Canada and fully integrating into Canadian society.

Working for you – at your community office:
My community office (at 107 Catherine Street) is now fully staffed, so I want to tell you about some of the ways we can help you. Travelling abroad? We can provide some Canada pins and desk flags to hand out to show your Canadian pride. Do you have an immigration, citizenship application, or federal social assistance program issue? We can help. Want a congratulatory message for someone’s significant birthday or anniversary? We can do that too. You can reach us at 613-946-8682 or Catherine.McKenna@parl.gc.ca .

In April, we will be holding an open house to welcome you to our new office. Stay tuned for more details.

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