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February 18, 2016: What’s The Deal?; Today’s live-able spaces sacrificed to future development.

February 18, 2016: What’s The Deal?;
Today’s live-able spaces sacrificed to future development.

By Lorrie Marlow.

At the gateway to Hintonburg and West Wellington, on Scott Street and Parkdale Avenue sit three hideous, abandoned buildings. The residents of these homes have long since been evicted and the buildings allowed to deteriorate. The windows are boarded up and the exterior has been randomly painted to cover graffiti. It looks like a war-zone.

What a surprise then, that the developer/owner has filed an application for demolition stating these buildings are beyond repair! The City of Ottawa has now negotiated a deal with the developer to allow demolition in return for some concessions.

The biggest concession is that the developer will give the City a much needed strip of land along the west side of Parkdale and along Scott Street to accommodate the increased traffic.
They will also give the City, a 5-by-5 metre sight triangle at the corner of Scott Street and Parkdale Avenue. With at least 12 pedestrian/vehicular accidents last year, these lands are obviously a necessity at this intersection. The developer must also pay the legal fees for this land transfer.

The developer must also pay $5000 for each of the three houses at 250, 252 and 254 Parkdale to be demolished, and submit demolition applications for 266 Parkdale (a single family dwelling) and 268 Parkdale (a former rooming house).

All these properties must be maintained by the developer according to Property Standards Bylaw and it appears to be for a parking surface and grass for other areas.

Farther south on Parkdale, the Alfa Diner and the Layali Eshark café appear to have been saved from demolition – so far.

Around the corner on Bullman Street, the two homes at 9 and 11 Bullman and the cycle/furniture restoration business at 13 Bullman Street will also remain.

Also excluded from demolition, is a two story, brick building at 1518 Scott Street, a former architectural firm. This building must be retained at the request of the Hintonburg Community Association.

The developer must submit proof of efforts to find suitable tenants for all buildings that will not be demolished. The developer has also promised to develop the property, a 32 and 28 story monster condo with retail, within six years.

So what is the deal here? The developer pays $15000 to the City for demolition of three residential homes. 266 and 268 Parkdale may or may not be demolished. The City loses 5 residential units and a much-needed rooming house. Tunneys Pasture will get more parking. The tenants on Bullman will continue to live in their homes. Alfa and Layali Eshark cafes’ will continue to operate. 1518 Scott Street and 13 Bullman will continue as commercial use properties.

Of extreme importance, with the notorious increase in bus traffic, the City would get much needed rights-of-way and a site triangle on Parkdale and Scott for traffic safety purposes.
Of course, the developer must execute the agreement with the City to actually promise to undertake all this in order to demolish. If the developer does not execute this agreement by May 26, 2016 then all these negotiated concessions are off the table. Everyone who walks, drives or takes a bus past this gateway corner to our neighborhood would continue to witness the results of what happens when the City does not take a hard stance on greedy developers.
At a time when this city needs affordable residential homes for refugees and residents of Ottawa, the City cannot look the other way while developers allow residential homes to deteriorate.

rear of 2 story boarded up house with overturned shopping cart and weeds.

Deal Break.

Photo Caption: Amid myriad colourful blooms, this raised garden at Parkdale and Scott once displayed a quote from D. F. Gurney, “…One is nearer God’s heart in a garden Than anywhere else on earth.” Neglectful deterioration of this and neighbouring properties, has caused developers to apply for a demolition permit. Photo by Lorrie Marlow.


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