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December 10, 2015: Art In Action at Broadview School; Construction wall mural completed.

December 10, 2015: Art In Action at Broadview School;
Construction wall mural completed.

By Camden Richter and Philip Sohn-Gutierrez.

Broadview Public School’s ongoing construction work has required fencing off part of the schoolyard. This report from Ms Viner’s grade 8 students, Camden Richter and Philip Sohn-Guttierrez, illustrates how Broadview’s students looked at a visual challenge, and saw an artistic opportunity.

Camden Richter:

The blank slate that was the wall to the new school’s construction was totally re-imagined by a great artist from around our area, Marc Walter. So, to commemorate his help, the school had a celebratory goodbye.

It started off with our principal, Ms. Deschambault explaining what a great time it has been to have this beautiful project made, followed by Mr. Cattelan, the art teacher, continuing with what great ideas and imagination had to be put in to come up with shapes and designs as great as what has been completed.

After him, we heard speeches from two students, Dana and Evan, who both put in great points about what a great opportunity it has been to work with Marc, as well as how interesting the project has been. The celebration was eventually finished by groups of younger students, first telling us their opinions on what they liked about the project, from the art to the colours, with another group performing a song, and finally a speech from Marc himself.

I personally found the creation of the mural to be a very amusing personal experience. We got to create our very own personal stencils, from scratch, and put them up for everyone to see. It was totally custom, from idea, to design, to colour of paint and even angle of placement when we painted. It was a very open project, and a very unique one as well. Marc’s personal background design really captured nature and other surroundings in a very picturesque manner. The choice of shape was really well done in my opinion.

Philip Sohn-Guttierrez:

When I was told to stay outside after recess for a goodbye ceremony, I did not think much of it. So I continued my day, and when recess came to an end we went over to the mural to watch the ceremony. I was extremely surprised to see this full-fledged microphone and stage set up with a whole crowd.

Sadly, it started to rain but I covered the thought of being drenched by listening to the well-thought out ceremony there with even a camera recording the entire thing. I wished there had been cake, but it was fine, as everyone enjoyed it a lot. I feel like I really agree with what some presenters pointed out, with things like how Marc was a really great teacher, and how he gave us a really great project to have fun with.

On day one, we had to find something that had to do with the theme of “nature that we lost”, so I picked a Tasmanian devil I printed from Google. On day two, after our teacher put our designs on laminate, we started to cut out our pictures. I did not do the best, but it got the job done.

Later that week, when we started painting the murals, we had some great parents helping us out, and great teachers too.

Before we got to painting, I was a little scared because I thought my stencil sucked. As I started to paint though, I felt a little more comfortable. I painted around 3 or four of my stencils and I feel like they look great. I think this project was an amazing idea and I hope we do more projects like this one in the future.



Photo Caption: With assistance from area artist Marc Walter, Broadview students turned a bland wooden wall into a mural of inspiring images and pithy observations on learning and life. Photos by Tim Thibeault.



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mural photo manipulated to simulate a cold windy day

…Winter fly away

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