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November 26, 2015: First Draft is In Pencil; Author Kevin Dooley puts time, energy into work.

November 26, 2015: First Draft is In Pencil;
Author Kevin Dooley puts time, energy into work.

By Pat MacLeod.

Kevin Dooley’s fourth published novel, A Dog’s Breakfast, is a surreal fiction based on family and social experience and one that encompasses Irish racial memory. His hero, Tommy Brennan, is himself the dog’s breakfast of the title. Tommy is built on Dooley’s own memories and life experience and on those alone, would have a whale of a tale to tell if Dooley’s involvement in his community and its history is any indication.

Dooley was named Irish Person of the Year in 2015, and received an award presented on behalf of the Irish Society of the National Capital Region by the Ambassador of Ireland, Dr. Ray Bassett, at the Ambassador’s residence earlier this year. His tireless activity in getting recognition for, and a plaque erected to honour, the Irish workers essential to the building of the Rideau Canal is already well known around the city.

He is well known in Kitchissippi Ward for his contributions to any musical gathering in support of any good cause.

From the Carleton Tavern’s annual Christmas Dinners, to fundraisers for local emergencies and social causes, Kevin Dooley, along with one or more of his very talented children, can always be counted on to offer generous and enthusiastic support.

In conversation he has the charm and wit to keep one readily engaged with his contagious good cheer. His accent, perhaps a little mellowed over the years, is still thick enough that you could plant a pot of shamrocks in it, and know they’d do quite fine. He has, what a thousand years of his ancestry would call ‘the gift of the gab’.

At least part of what makes him so interesting is that Kevin Dooley is himself interested in life around him. Even in conversation, his eyes flit about the room noting people and activity, watching for the quirks that mark peoples’ individuality and the traits that make them human. All of this, it is easy to see, is mentally noted and saved for future reference in his creative endeavours.

Of his own pursuits, and his novels in particular, Dooley says his writing process involves using two book store coffee shops as offices, and staff can set their watches by his comings and goings. He writes his first drafts in longhand in pencil. Once this is achieved, he writes a second longhand version, this time in fountain pen. When the second copy is completed, it’s off to the editor, and from there to his independent publisher, Baico. From first draft to published novel, Dooley takes about five years to complete a writing project.

With “A Dog’s Breakfast” launched and on the shelves in time for Christmas, his next project has Dooley starting research to compile info on the working class of early Canadian immigrants. No doubt he will throw himself into this one with typical gusto, and in the not too distant future we’ll have another full story and perhaps another chapter or two towards Dooley’s autobiography.

A Dog’s Breakfast, along with Kevin Dooley’s other titles, is available at chapters.ca and www.baico.ca. For more information on the author, visit http://KevinDooleyAuthor.Blogspot.com .

Man sitting at restaurant bench with book "A Dogs Breakfast"

Dooley Breakfast.

Photo Caption: Local author, musician, and community activist Kevin Dooley with his most recent novel, “A Dog’s Breakfast” at the book’s launch November 8, at Daniel O’Connell’s Irish Pub on Wellington West. Photo by Lorrie Marlow.

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