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September 3, 2015: Broadview Public School; Building a future, now.

September 3, 2015: Broadview Public School;
Building a future, now.

By Jeanne Inch.

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Excavation has begun for the foundations of a new Broadview Public School. The construction trailer is on site and the construction fence/hoarding is in place. The portable classrooms have been relocated to accommodate construction. Within the school, minor renovations are taking place to accommodate enrolment pressures: the art room, design and technology, and library classrooms are being modified for students for September according to Erica Braunovan, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board Trustee for Zone 10.

Ms Braunovan is very pleased that the project is on schedule with construction beginning in earnest in September. Concrete slabs will be poured in the next few weeks to start casting the Tilt-up wall panels. The construction contract was awarded to Frecon Construction.

For the next year, the students will not have the play structures as they have been dismantled and will be stored off site. According to Ms. Braunovan’s understanding, the school day schedule has been adjusted so that Broadview students will be able to use the field at Nepean High School at recess.

Discussions have also taken place with Dovercourt Community Centre about the use of their playground equipment. “The principal has been very welcoming of creative solutions to get the students active and moving while so much of Broadview’s yard is a construction site.” Ms. Braunovan said.

As for the future of the old Broadview Public School, Ms. Braunovan continues to welcome suggestions regarding potential use. The so-called “tower” portion of the school has been approved by Ottawa City Council as a property designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. The tower was built in 1927 in the collegiate Gothic style popularized in the early 20th century. The exterior meets all three of the Heritage Act criteria: design or physical value, historical or associative value, and contextual value.

Ms. Braunovan has had discussions with Jeff Leiper, Yasir Naqvi and board planning staff to discuss options for its use. “I continue to be hopeful that with everyone working together we will find a meaningful use for this space. “

Councillor Leiper says he is planning to form a steering committee with interested members of the community who have real estate, development, and arts and business acumen,. He has received recommendations concerning people who can help, and in early September will put out a broader call for interested participants.

According to Councillor Leiper, “We need to match people looking for space with public and private money in a way that is sensitive to the area’s character. I’ll be looking for people who can actively make that a reality.”

Tractored shovel on pile in school filed

Big Digger.

Photo Caption: With construction fencing and alternative playground arrangements in place, earth-moving machinery at Broadview Public School prepares to build for the future. Photos by Jeanne Inch.

2 small pieces of construction equipment at the end of the school field viewed through fence

Little Diggers.

School field for new buildings  crossed by heavy track of digger

Goals to Come

Dump trucks near school buildings including portable classrooms.

For a Better Day.


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