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June 25, 2015: It’s a Rogue Lemming!; Music and fun for all.

June 25, 2015: It’s a Rogue Lemming!;
Music and fun for all.

By Anna Borris.

When Rogue Lemming plays at one of Ottawa’s festivals, the audience is treated to a happy atmosphere of spontaneous fun. This musical duo has a wide repertoire of songs – familiar, new or downright silly.

John is the flamboyant one who wears colourful wildly-patterned shirts and hats, and engages everyone with cheerful chatter. Jack stands quietly at the side of the stage, sometimes drumming, sometimes playing guitar.

Often, an assortment of musical instruments is scattered across the front of the stage, and kids are encouraged to pick one up and play along. In an instant the musical pair are accompanied by a very enthusiastic group of junior musicians, playing all manner of percussion and various other instruments. As often as not, someone will find a favourite drum or tambourine, and stay on the stage playing along all afternoon.

John Lloyd and Jack Pyl have been making music together for over two years, entertaining adults as well as kids. They write their own original material individually and together. Their style includes reggae and bluegrass, as well as a wide variety of 60’s and 70’s music.

John and Jack both do vocals, and between them they play guitar, mandolin, pennywhistle, flute, bass, theramin and assorted percussion instruments. They teach themselves songs from favourite albums and particularly enjoy learning the more obscure album tracks that they remember from high school.

When they started playing together, rehearsals were held at Jack’s house and they learned new material every week. They showcased their songs at various open-mike locations around the city, hoping for favourable feedback. As their repertoire increased and their fan base grew, so did their exposure to a variety of audiences. Currently, among many other things, they host a weekly open-mike event at the Black Pepper Bistro on Wellington St. They enjoy providing back-up mandolin, drum, flute, guitar and vocals as needed by the performers.

Last year, in August, Jack and John participated in “Bhakti in the Woods”, a weekend yoga and music festival which takes place on a large country property in Ladysmith Quebec. There, they entertained with their music joining with many other artists, musicians, healers and yoga instructors; they plan to participate in “Bhakti” again this year.

Rogue Lemming is involved in a variety of community festivals and programs. If you walk into the Hintonburg Community Centre any Friday at 10:30, you will hear music and laughter floating from one of the nearby rooms. Every week John shares his music with a group of special needs adults, who sometimes play the guitar or sing along. They are accompanied from time to time by Jack’s drumming or by other musical friends who drop by. The atmosphere is upbeat and positive, and the music much appreciated.

Over the past two years, in Hintonburg, as well as in some of the downtown clubs, Rogue Lemming has established a reputation as a strong, talented musical duo. Fortunately for us, they have become neighbourhood fixtures who have the interests of the community at heart.

You can find more of Rogue Lemming on YouTube. To contact them, call or text John Lloyd at 613-898-2952 .

2 men beside sign "Open mike"

Menace and Amusement

Photo Caption: With a name suggesting both menace and amusement, Rogue Lemming’s John Lloyd and Jack Pyl provide music and levity at all their gigs. Photos by Tim Thibeault.

2 men with various musical instruments on outdoor park stage


Photo Caption: Rogue Lemming at Harvest Fest 2014 in Parkdale Park.


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