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June 25, 2015: CT 80th Anniversary part 2; Answers and other trivia details of 1935.

June 25, 2015: CT 80th Anniversary part 2;
Answers and other trivia details of 1935.

[Ed: follow this link to try your hand at the CT Anniversary fun quiz.]

Answers to Quiz:
1) What else started in 1935? Answers a,b,c and d, and they all keep put putting along still.
2) Whose picture was on the 1935 one dollar bill? Answer b, but change was a-coming.
3) What else happened in Canada in 1935? Answer b, with a canoe on the tail side for most of the next 30 years of minted coins. They were uncommon to find in general circulation.
4) Who won the 1935 Stanley Cup? Answer e, “none of the above”. The Montreal Maroons won the cup. (Montreal had two hockey teams back then with fans often split between the two language communities.)
5) Who served as Prime Minister of Canada in 1935? Answer c and d, as it was an election year that saw the demise of the Bennett Conservatives and the return of the Mackenzie King Liberals to government.
6) Who …, was first heard on national radio in 1935? Answer d, and a long career in Canada and later Hollywood began.
7) What product was first marketed in the year the Carleton Tavern opened? Answer d, but using steel as aluminum was too expensive and difficult in 1935. Glass bottles would still dominate the market for a long suds filled time.
8) Who of these notables persons died in 1935? Answer a,b,c and d, that’s all of them Folks. Of them only Sir Julian Byng “buried” himself while still living in Canada by trying to out fox W.L. Mackenzie King in what is known as the King Byng affair in 1926. Governor General Byng went back home to Britain that September.
9) How many provinces were there in 1935? Answer b, Newfoundland and Labrador would still stay out out for 14 more years.
10) Who … was born in 1935? Answer a,b,c and d, and that’s all of them.

— MORE 1935 TRIVIA —

• A Canadian postage stamp cost 3 cents for domestic letter mail.

• For 10 cents you could buy either: A gallon of gasoline; a package of Rex tobacco; 2 packs of Zig Zag cigarette papers; a can of tomatoes; one pound of lard; one can of corn; or one pint of chocolate milk.

• For 20 cents you could buy: 1 bottle of Pure Spring ginger ale.

• For 25 cents either: a pound of butter at the Dominion Store (28 cents); a pipe; a dozen eggs (23 cents); an account book; 5 pounds of beans; 5 pounds of rice; or a can of Magic baking powder.

• A new car cost approximately $625.00, and a new house averaged around $3,500.00


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