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June 25, 2015: Happy Birthday Carleton Tavern; Eighty Years Young! (Try the Fun Trivia).

June 25, 2015: Happy Birthday Carleton Tavern;
Eighty Years Young! (Try the Fun Trivia).

CBC Radio calls it “an iconic Ottawa pub…” and so it is. The Carleton Tavern has been a west end institution since 1935. Perhaps its greatest hallmark is this tavern’s sense of community.

Free Christmas dinners, sports teams, community group board meetings, local theatre presentations, golf tournaments, serving as a Block Parent, field trips, at least one set of wedding photos, the Carleton Tavern has played host to it all. And always with typical generosity and good will for the community. The Carleton is an iconic pub … and a good neighbour.

To show our appreciation of the Carleton’s support for its community, the staff at Newswest has assembled a few questions and facts relevant to the Carleton Tavern and its times.
How many of these can you remember (or guess)?
[Ed: Questions may have more than one right answer.]

1) 1935 marked the first year of business for the Carleton Tavern. What else started in 1935?
a) The Bank of Canada was established
b) Parker Brothers introduced “Monopoly”,
c) the original Volkswagen was launched,
d) Alcoholics Anonymous held its first meeting.

2) Whose picture was on the Canadian 1935 one dollar bill?
a) Edward VII,
b) George V,
c) Edward VIII,
d) Sam Saikaley.

3) What else happened in Canada in 1935?
a) Women won the right to vote,
b) first Canadian silver dollar circulated,
c) Tom Thompson joined the Group of Seven,
d) completion of clean up after, the Halifax Explosion.

4) Who won the 1935 Stanley Cup?
a) Toronto Maple Leafs,
b) Montreal Canadiens,
c) Vancouver Canucks,
d) Hamilton Tiger Cats,
e) none of the above teams.

5) Who served as Prime Minister of Canada in 1935?
a) Sir Wilfrid Laurier,
b) Sir John A. Macdonald,
c) R. Hon. R. B. Bennett,
d) R. Hon W. L. Mackenzie King,
e) R. Hon. Lester B. Pearson.

6) Who of the following, was first heard on national radio in 1935?
a) The Shadow,
b) Lowell Greene,
c) Lorne Green,
d) Bob Hope.

7) What product was first marketed in the year the Carleton Tavern opened?
a) Poutine,
b) sliced bread,
c) Kellogg’s Cornflakes,
d) canned beer.

8) Who of these notables persons died in 1935?
a) Ma Barker,
b) Lawrence of Arabia,
c) Will Rogers,
d) Viscount Julian Byng of Vimy,
e) none of the above persons.

9) How many provinces were there in 1935?
a) 8 provinces,
b) 9 provinces,
c) or 10 provinces.

10) Who of the following were born in 1935?
a) Donald Sutherland,
b) Sonny Bono,
c) Elvis Presley,
d) The Dalai Lama.

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