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May 28, 2015: Hintonburg Happening 2015; “Truly Special” Artist Showcase in its Second Year.

May 28, 2015: Hintonburg Happening 2015;
“Truly Special” Artist Showcase in its Second Year.

By Alisa Viner.

Walking around Somerset Square a few weeks ago, the message was clear:
Hintonburg is pulsing with a cool, artsy community spirit unlike anywhere else in

Where else can one find such an inclusive and diverse energy, focused
around local businesses and local artists? The Hintonburg Happening has helped to
funnel this powerful community capacity into something truly special: an edgy
urban neighbourhood where everyone feels welcome to dance “like no one is watching”, to live music in a public square.

In only its second year, the Hintonburg Happening (HH) has built up a substantial
following which has helped generate buzz around the many events offered throughout
the week of the Happening.

There were also several fund raising concerts and activities through the year, leading up to the week-long party in the first week of May.

It is remarkable to see the way local businesses have gotten behind the HH. Many
businesses and artists understood the concept immediately and planned great
events to showcase the many talents, experiences and merchandise available in this
thriving neighbourhood.

The objective of the HH is to showcase artists and the art behind local businesses in
order to raise funds for art initiatives in the neighbourhood.

Did you see shirts with “I lost my virginity to ‘When Doves Cry’ by Prince” and “I
smoke after yoga” around the neighbourhood? These are two standout pieces in
Shawn McDonnell’s, ‘Air Your Dirty Laundry’ project. McDonnell, of Creativision, was the
recipient of the HH 2014 Art Grant.

This project enables the people who live in Hintonburg to share their ‘dirty little secrets’ in a safe and public manner, by scrawling their stories in permanent marker on fresh, clean white t-shirts and undergarments. At once humorous, cathartic and engaging, The HH is proud to have funded this unique project.

According to McDonnell, this is just the beginning of his initiative. The pieces are on display at The Hintonburg Public House and make for an unusual and compelling installation.
This year HH is offering three arts grants. Daniel Martelock was the winner of the HH
Art Throw-Down, held as part of the closing party on May 9, and the call out for the
HH 2015 Arts Grant and the Couch Assassin HH Music Grant will be released in a few weeks.

HH would not have been able to offer these grants without the amazing
support of those who attended the events, fund raisers and the sponsors. Tamarack
Wellington was again this year’s main sponsor. The Wellington West BIA, Beau’s
Brewery and many other businesses stepped up to make this year’s week long events
exciting and engaging for everyone.

The coordinators wish to publicly thank the many volunteers who showed up to
make this series of events so successful. Thank you also to Councillor Jeff Leiper of
Kitchissippi Ward for continued support and to Mayor Jim Watson for making it a
priority to come to the opening party.

It’s not a party unless your elected officials show up to judge air-bands, enjoy a local craft beer in a park [City sanctioned of course] and come to an art-show, featuring the work of local artists who contributed to the HH colouring book. That’s right Ottawa, Hintonburg is the weirdest part of town and that’s just what the HH wants you to know.

Check out The Hintonburg Happening on all the usual on-line social media meeting spots.
See http://hintonburghappening.ca and connect with @hintonburghap on Twitter.

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