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February 19, 2015: Newswest, Growing and Changing; In print and on-line.

February 19, 2015: Newswest, Growing and Changing; In print and on-line.

By Newswest Webmaster.

Change is growth, as the saying goes. And for some readers, Newswest appears to be both changing and growing. The most recent change is that our old postal address will end this month. Check the masthead for our new regular mail spot and new phone number.

Another change this past year is that we’re doing a lot more articles exclusively on-line. Last issue had 5 Web-extra articles exclusive to our newswest.org/easyread section. And lots of web-only images got added to some unabridged versions of articles.

Now here’s a partial recap of topics you may have missed:
Read up on an annual shinny tournament for all ages (3114).

See amazing pics from Nepal and read how a local annual gala supports its vulnerable (3197).
Learn how your old bike could go to those here in need (3680), and how Grannies party for Halloween (3600).

Learn about Door knocker fraud (3302), and discover how walkable our streets are in traffic (3181,  3501).

Learn about how a writer found the secret spot of Westfest (3361), and the sounds of cow bells in Mechanicsville (3358). Did you tap your toes to an infectious local song of protest (3530)?

Read the amazing tale of how some local homeowners still have no storm sewers (3184), or travel back a century to read of a rainy day that forever changed our world (3506), and how Newswest’s anniversary cakes fared when it poured buckets last July (3491).

How did a school child move a Parliamentarian (3724)?
Learn how moving hydro poles a few feet will affect local parks and more (3673).

If you knew all that, and keep abreast of changing community events from the comfy chair by your cellphone, tablet or computer, then you are a Newswest On-line reader. If not, maybe you should take a peek online and see what else you may have missed.

Lots of things remain the same at Newswest. Our Board continues to debate and decide on where we’re going and how. A familiar past editor is now writing and volunteering in other ways. In coming issues we will still cover the changing face of our streets and the deep roots in our community. And we all look forward to seeing regular readers and old friends at any monthly meeting or in the community festivals and events we will be attending. Come over, say hi or just tell us about what’s on your mind.

To find the articles referred to above, replace the XXXX in http://newswest.org/easyread/archives/XXXX with the number given above.
For example January’s web-extras (3834, 3843, 3860,  3862,  
…) can be read at



[Ed: and there were a few more too last year…]
Palliative Care Motion 3440,

A Section 37 3435,

5th Annual Hintonburg Solstice Party 3444,

40th anniversary of Citizen Advocacy 3459,

HCA AGM 3515,

Give to the Farm 3753,


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