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December 11, 2014: Letter to the Editor: Speak out for urban greenery.

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December 11, 2014: Letter to the Editor:
Speak out for urban greenery.

By Emma Robe

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that has.” ~Margaret Mead

Some years ago there was a wild flower garden on the grounds of The Museum of Nature, installed by the botanist Albert Dugal. It was a rare gem and contained 150 native species. Quite a few were endangered

Imagine my horror when I came by it one day only to find a bulldozer destroying it. Enraged, I went in to the museum, tears rolling down my face, only to find that no one at the Museum knew what I was talking about. These days it is….. you guessed it, a parking lot.

The Museum, which has a mandate to protect Canadian endangered species, was not even fined.

Then as now, I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness in regards to the loss of trees, green spaces and our urban wildlife in Hintonburg.

There is much bewailing in our neighbourhood regarding their loss. One would think that when someone actually puts a voice to these concerns, the Hintonburg Community Association and The Hintonburg Enviromental Committee would stand behind in staunch support. Not so.

Over the last 6 years I have attended meetings with both to try to save the two magnificent oaks that were in the Tea cup Garden at the corner of Stirling and Armstrong. No one was really listening – just more time spent socializing, talking and time wasted at community meetings. Nobody was really that concerned and both the HCA and the HEC failed to follow through. Consequently the two stately oaks were cut down last year when they could have been saved.

A few weeks ago I went again to the HCA and HEC to see if they would give their support to having the lost trees re-installed by Centre Town Citizens Ottawa Corporation who allowed the trees to die even though they had been donated by the City of Ottawa in good faith.

While some persons were far too keen to protect their own political ideology, then protect our trees, the general consensus was for the HEC to suggest that CCOC ask the City of Ottawa for more free trees. Is this really the message we in Hintonburg want to send out to developers who have no respect for our neighbourhood and environment? Here are some more free trees for you to destroy. Just charge it to the City

Like The Museum of Nature,  Centre Town Citizens Ottawa Corporation also has a mandate to protect the environment. But neither one walks the talk.

Of the many many e-mails and phone calls that I have made to CCOC, all were ignored. They prefer power over open communication with their many renters. This is why the trees were left to die

It is up to every one of us to speak up for our trees and green spaces. Don’t take it to the HCA or the HEC and waste 6 years of your time.  P L E A S E contact Councillor Jeff Leiper and Mayor Jim Watson, both of whom campaigned for trees in Hintonburg and Ottawa, and make sure you make them walk the talk.

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