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December 11, 2014: Joy To Their World!; Community Veterinary Outreach.

December 11, 2014: Joy To Their World!; Community Veterinary Outreach.

By Lorrie Marlow.

The party at Holland’s Cake and Shake was “shakin’ with people including Mayor Watson on Saturday night, November 22, 2014 for a little fundraiser called “Joy to their World”.

The hosts were local business-owner, Karla Briones with Global Pet Foods – Hintonburg and photographer Sandy Sharkey of Cabin Road Art. This party was the launch of a month-long exhibit of Sandy’s photos at Holland’s Cake and Shake, that funky little café at 229 Armstrong next to the Carleton Tavern.

Ever wondered who provides veterinary service to the pets of Ottawa’s homeless and vulnerable people? Well, it’s not one person, it’s a volunteer organization called Community Veterinary Outreach founded by Dr. Michelle Lem. This amazing organization was established in 2003 in Ottawa to provide veterinary service to people with pets at the Ottawa Mission. The program has expanded since then to include marginalized people throughout the city of Ottawa and is now established in other Canadian cities.

Sandy Shakey’s photos reflect the absolute joy that a pet provides a person. The people and pets in these photos are clients of the Community Veterinary Outreach program.

In our neighborhood, vulnerable people with pets in need of service from the Community Veterinary Outreach are referred by such social agencies as: Salvation Army Rooming House Response Team, Somerset West Community Health, local crisis shelters, City of Ottawa Social Services and mental health organizations.

Karla and Sandy’s “Joy To Their World” exhibit/event was a huge success and these two people make an incredible fundraising team for animal advocacy. Every year, Global Pet Foods provides pet food for pets of guests who attend the Carleton Community Christmas Dinner hosted by the Carleton Tavern and the Hintonburg Economic Development Committee.

In addition, this family-owned pet food store also donates pet food and supplies to the Parkdale Food Centre on a regular basis. One of the most popular local events is the annual “Hintonburg Dog Movie Night” in Parkdale Park hosted by the Hintonburg Community Association. This event is also sponsored by Global Pet Foods. Sandy Sharkey, local radio personality, is a long-time advocate of animal welfare and fundraises annually for the SPCA in Ottawa.

By the end of this event, this team had raised $4200 and donations are still being made online. They encourage everyone to visit the website for Community Veterinary Outreach at vetoutreach.org/mission-vet”/mission-vet and give generously!

Drop by Holland’s Cake and Shake to see this touching exhibit of Sandy’s photos on display for the next month.

Sandy’s collection of photos clearly shows how pets of people on the streets bring joy to their world. Many of these people have little or no family and their pets are an important relationship.

    Karla and Sandy would also like to thank some important sponsors who helped make this event such an overwhelming success:

  • Holland’s Cake and Shake– Mike Holland for donation of baked goods, welcoming the exhibit and hosting such an amazing party!
  • Canvas Pop Art – they generously donated the printing of ALL the pictures hanging at Holland’s Cake and Shake;
  • Milena Creative – the creative probono eye behind the design of all promotional material; and
  • Kitchissippi Councillor Jeff Leiper with his trusty sound system, along with all the businesses that donated items for the Silent Auction.

3 adults standing with 2 pictures of pets held in loving hugs on the wall
Photo Caption: Karla Briones, Michael Holland and Sandy Sharkey at Holland’s Cake and Shake where funds were raised to benefit local animals that might not often see a veterinarian. Photo by Shawn Hoey

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