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December 11, 2014: : “Habemus Tabulam Directoribus”; We have a board of directors (Newswest 36th AGM).

December 11, 2014: : “Habemus Tabulam Directoribus”; We have a board of directors (Newswest 36th AGM).

By Newswest Board.

“Habemus Papam” is the pronouncement made in Rome when white smoke appears at the Sistine Chapel announcing the election of a new Pope.

In Hintonburg, and affecting fewer people perhaps, another election was held recently. In its smoke-free aftermath, no one spoke the appropriate phrase, “We have a Board of Directors”. But they could have.

Newswest held its 36th Annual General Meeting Monday November 17, 2014 at the Hintonburg Community Centre.

Since 1978, Newswest has kept the residents of Ottawa’s west end informed about what‘s happening in, around, and to, their neighbourhoods. This makes Newswest one of the longest surviving community newspapers in Ottawa.
As a result of that

As a result of that recent AGM, the Board of Directors, chaired by Wayne Rodney, is pleased to announce that all seats on the Board have been filled for a new term.

The Newswest Board is comprised of 10 members from across the ward, each of whom fills a 2 year term, with half of the terms expiring each year.

This staggering of terms provides for continuity of the Board as well as ensuring its rejuvenation. Fresh faces bring new ideas and approaches; and change is growth.

The Board Members for the 2014 – 2015 term are: Wayne Rodney, Gary Ludington, Pat O’Brien, Anne Duggan, Jeanne Inch, Paulette Dozois, Lorrie Marlow, Karen Secord, Allyson Domanski and Cheryl Parrott.

Newswest is written by the community for the community. This enables it to provide a truly unique perspective on life in the Kitchissippi area.

A majority of Newswest articles are written by volunteer writers wishing to highlight an issue, a person or an event that they feel is of interest. Newswest welcomes community contributions from every corner and cross-section of our neighbourhoods.

The issues affecting all the neighbourhoods in Kitchissippi Ward are discussed at regular monthly board meetings when the agenda for each edition of Newswest is discussed, sometimes argued over, and ultimately, approved by a majority vote of the Board.

With a good cross-section of voices represented on the Board, Newswest is able to represent the greatest number of readers possible in an area with a noticeably changing demographic. Continuity and rejuvenation keep the board and Newswest relevant in the greater community; and speaking from, and to, our community is how Newswest continues to thrive.

As Newswest enters its 37th year of informing and engaging area residents then, we invite all of our readers to celebrate with us because, as they might say in Rome, Habemus tabulam directoribus.


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