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November 27, 2014: Parenthood Inspires Poetry; Stay-at-home Dad as bard.

November 27, 2014: Inspires Poetry;
Stay-at-home Dad as bard.

By Tim Thibeault.

Kitchissippi resident and stay-at-home Dad, Rob Thomas, when not changing diapers or making ‘boo-boos’ better, writes poetry, much of it inspired by his three young children.

Born in Deep River, and a resident of Gladstone Avenue and Civic Hospital neighbourhoods since 2005, Rob has worked as a magazine writer and editor, and as a CBC reporter.

Rob won last year’s Bywords John Newlove Poetry Award. This annual award recognizes the best poem published on the Ottawa-area poetry website http://Bywords.ca .

Poet Alice Burdick of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, was the judge who selected Rob’s poem in 2013. “The poem which won the award is called Message in the bottles,” says Rob. “It was inspired by my kids and, well, some of the frustrations and madness of childcare. So it seemed appropriate to delve a little deeper into that for the collection.” Rob is rightly pleased with Alice Burdick’s comments on his work. She says, “Message in the bottles is succinct, funny, and disturbing all in one. An irreverent reverie about escape, and its potentially dire result. The words are carefully chosen, but not precious, and effectively shaped into a potent little poem.”

As part of the award, Bywords Publications publishes a short collection of the winning author’s work. Rob’s book, Brood, was launched in late October at the Ottawa International Writers Festival.

Ottawapoetry.blogspot.ca, a local poetry-centric website, includes a recent article by Rob on his writing. That article is accessible by searching for Rob Thomas at http://ottawapoetry.blogspot.ca . Also, several references to more of his works can be found there. This is one local poet with a lot of effort and energy devoted to his art. If it keeps up, Kitchissippi might easily become the arts and poetry quarter of Ottawa.

Copies of Rob’s collection are available through the Bywords website, Bywords.ca, and through his own website at http://www.robthomas.ca/store . The price of this collection is $6.00 and the cover photo alone is worth a visit.

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