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December 2, 2010: Traffic Troubles; Wellington Village Continues to Address Local Traffic Concerns.

Traffic Troubles
Wellington Village Continues to Address Local Traffic Concerns.
By Wellington Village Community Association.

“Residents felt that walk signals should activate at each change of lights.”

A public meeting to address traffic  concerns in the Wellington Village  area was convened November 9 at  Elmdale school. Sponsored by the  Wellington Village Community  Association in conjunction with the  Elmdale School Council, the meeting  was a follow up to one held April 15  this year. The November meeting was  attended by Councillor-elect Hobbes,  City of Ottawa and NCC officials,  City and Elmdale coordinators for  School Travel Planning Ottawa, and  about 30 area residents.
There has been some progress  since April. This includes formation  of a strong School Travel Planning  group at Elmdale devoted to encouraging  more students to travel to school  by means other than cars or buses.  Sidewalks have been installed on  Iona from Island Park Drive to the  school and four-way stop signs  placed at Clarendon and Helena.  But residents felt there was still  much to be done, especially in the  face of rapidly increasing intensification  of the area.
Major concerns continue to be  cut-through and overflow traffic  from Island Park Drive between 3  pm to 6 pm on weekdays and weekends  onto streets like Helena, Iona,  Clarendon, Mayfair, Piccadilly as  well as on Remick Ave. north of  Scott. Both excessive speeds and  volumes are a concern.
The intersection of Byron and  Island Park Drive is a particular  problem with difficult left turns  blocking traffic and exacerbating  overflows. Red light running is  common at that intersection as well.
The corner of Island Park and  Iona is a particular problem for children  heading for school. There are  some plans to introduce a cross  walk there and residents enthusiastically  called for rapid progress on  that installation.
There are no traffic calming measures  such as speed bumps in the  area around the school and no  marked drop off zones on Java, a  street which has very heavy traffic  at school arrival and leaving times.  The corners of Clarendon and  Wellington and Byron and  Kirkwood have push button walk  signals but since these are very  heavily used by pedestrians and especially  students heading to schools,  residents felt that a pedestrian  friendly city should ensure that the  walk signals activated at each  change of lights.
It was also noted that the last traffic  survey in the area was 15 years  ago and that Wellington Village has  changed fundamentally in that time.
Many suggestions were made, including  more traffic calming measures,  enforcement of existing rules, a  new traffic survey, rectification of the  walk sign situation, enforcement of  existing rules and speed limits, creative  signage, and, especially, turn restrictions  to deal with cut-through  traffic from Island Park Drive.
The Wellington Village  Community Association and School  Travel Planning at Elmdale, will  continue to work with Councillor  Hobbes, NCC and especially city  traffic planning officials to improve  the traffic situation in this neighbourhood.  Further follow up meetings will be held.


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