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December 2, 2010: Cst. Milton’s Community Corner.

Cst. Milton’s Community Corner.
By Andrew Milton, Community Police Officer.

December is here and it’s shop-until-you-drop season. A variety of  cultural and religious events that  involve gift-giving occur in  December, and stores everywhere  are welcoming large numbers of  shoppers. And many of those shoppers  will be using vehicles to help  store and transport their purchases.
If this includes you, be aware  that every vehicle out there – already  a target of thieves looking for a quick  buck – is going to be even more attractive  when there is a possibility  that it contains better pickings than  usual. I strongly suggest that, even if  you’re in a rush, you take the extra  precaution of making sure your packages  are stowed safely out of sight,  especially if you have to leave your  vehicle parked in an easily accessible  location, such as a mall parking lot.
So, you followed my advice,  the packages made it home safely,  gifts were distributed, everyone had  a good time, and you can take it  easy. Not so fast. If you’re a good  recycler, you’re going to put the  boxes all those good things came in  out at the curb. This is a potential  invitation for a break and enter. It’s  all too easy for the empty box to  advertise what’s in your house.  You’ll do yourself and your family  a big favour by breaking the boxes  up and turning them inside out to  hide the nature of its contents.
December is a big shopping  month, but it’s not the only time of  the year we go shopping. The advice  offered above (keep your purchases  out of sight and don’t advertise the  contents of your home) has no time  limit. It’s good the whole year round.
Have a happy and safe holiday  and see you in the New Year!


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