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December 2, 2010: Bringing Better Biking to Ottawa West.

Bringing Better Biking to Ottawa West.
By Kaitlin Fahey, Hintonburg Cycling Champions.

With the recent changes along Wellington  Street, the neighbourhoods of Ottawa west  are now some of the most inviting in the  city. Despite these changes, there is still  room for improvement: Ottawa West cyclists  want to see safer and more convenient  cycling in their neighbourhoods.
In October, a group of volunteers met  to discuss cycling in their community and  throughout the city of Ottawa, forming  the Hintonburg Cycling Champions.  Nine enthusiastic individuals, who cycle  for various reasons, attended that first  meeting. “Cycling isn’t only a convenient  and inexpensive way to get around town,  but it is also so much fun.” said Kathleen  Wilker, one of the group’s members.
By the second meeting, held  November 18, the group had made progress  on a number of agenda items set  only the previous month. Additionally,  there were several new faces present and  new ideas discussed. Below is a sample  of the Cycling Champion’s agenda, their  goals, and progress to date.
Cycling and Children: Actively engaging  families and children who already  cycle, and recruiting others to  commute to school via bicycle, is a goal  of the Cycling Champions. We are  working with local primary schools to  make cycling safer and more convenient  for parents and children through our  School Cycling Champions program.
Cycling and Safety: Safe cycling is important  to all residents of Ottawa West, regardless  of how you travel. The Hintonburg  Cycling Champions are working to coordinate  safe cycling workshops for children  and adults alike – even seasoned cyclist  need a refresher on the rules of the road and  your rights as a cyclist. Plans have been  made for workshops next spring.
Cycling and Fun: One of the best things  about cycling is how darn fun it is! The  Cycling Champions have set in motion  plans for a Spring 2011 bicycle parade.  While the details are not yet finalized, the  Cycling Champions promise a safe ride for  cyclists of all ages and a chance to show off  your wheels- vintage cruisers, sleek road  bikes, and training wheels welcome!
Cycling and Ottawa: The Cycling  Champions are dedicated to supporting  the addition of well-marked and/or segregated  cycling lanes in Ottawa west, which  link our communities to the downtown  core, making cycling safer and more convenient  for all Ottawa residents. The City  of Ottawa has proposed a segregated cycling  lane on Laurier Ave and a public  meeting is scheduled for November 25  (more information available on the City  of Ottawa’s website: www.ottawa.ca/residents/ public_consult/bikelane). While  the Cycling Champions are excited about  this new segregated lane, we are eager to  start thinking about the next steps of this  project and what they mean for the communities  of Ottawa West.
If you have questions or comments  about cycling in Ottawa West please  send an email to info@hintonburg.com  (subject line: Cycling Champions).

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