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December 2, 2010: Busy Year for the Westboro Community Association.

Busy Year for the Westboro Community Association.
By Andrew Hickey.
Thank you to all the residents who attended the  Westboro Community Association’s (WCA) Annual  General Meeting held at the Churchill Seniors  Recreation Centre on November 24. It was quite successful.
President, Gary Ludington opened the meeting by  reviewing some of the issues that the community association  had covered during the year including: ongoing  development, traffic issues, the Westboro garage sale  and Les Soeurs de la Visitation. Irmi Elbert and  Deborah Chapman discussed the renewal of Clare Park  and thanked outgoing Councillor Christine Leadman  who was instrumental in pushing the city for funding so  that the park could be restored for children and better  oriented toward seniors. The community association  also thanked Councillor Leadman for the assistance she  had provided on the issues that have come before us.
Wallace Beaton presented an interesting report with  regard to school travelling. Essentially this is an  Ottawa and Canadian issue initiative that includes  Broadview Elementary School and Churchill Alternative  School, and both schools are within the WCA’s boundaries.  It encourages families to walk or bicycle to school  rather than parents or caregivers driving them or the  school bus picking them up.
Councillor-elect Katherine Hobbs was also in attendance  and she broadly described her goals as our councillor.  Ms. Hobbs was hoping to be a part of the  Planning & Environment Committee given the number  of development issues that Westboro deals with, especially  the Les Soeurs de la Visitation development. Ms.  Hobbs took several questions from the floor and listened  to the commentary from residents.
The WCA thanks outgoing Vice President Don  Christie and Stephen Sandiford for their commitment  and ideas over this past year. Returning Board  Members are: Andrew Balfour, Karlis Bouse, Jennifer  Davies, Irmi Elbert, Andrew Hickey, Gary Ludington,  Jean McKibbon, Terence Nelligan and Andrea Tomkins.  The WCA welcomes three new board members (Dino  Cule, Chris Lindberg and Curtis O’Nyon) with a variety  of backgrounds to move the community association  towards an even more active role.
For any updates please visit our website www.westborovillage. ca.

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