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December 2, 2010: So You Think You Can Dance?

So You Think You Can Dance?
By Lorrie Marlow, Hintonburg Economic Development Committee.
Have you checked out the  new B’ Boy teaching  breakdance at the  Hintonburg Community  Center? He made finals  for the TV show “So You  Think You can Dance”  two years in a row! His  name is Sami sLyNks  Elkout and he performs  with a dance troupe called  the Breadcrumb Crew.
The Breadcrumb Crew  is active in the Canadian  Breakdance scene travelling  and competing in numerous  B’Boy battles. The  Breadcrumb Crew also  perform at Scotia Bank  Place during Sens Games.
Sami has recently returned  from the city of  Whitehorse in the Yukon  where he was the Project  Manager for a national  youth breakdance forum  called Cypher for Change.  Teaching breakdance and  working with youth is a  passion of Sami’s and  Hintonburg is excited to  have such a talented and  motivated mentor for our  youth! Sami now teaches  a beginner and advanced  breakdance classes to  youth on Wednesdays.  The beginner class is at  5:15pm and the advanced  at 4:30pm. The classes are  free to children and youth  ages 8 to 18. No special  shoes or clothes are needed.  Call the Hintonburg  Community Centre at 613-798-8874 to register.

Breakdancer in headstand position.

Sami “sLyNks”

Photo Caption: Sami “sLyNks” Photo by James Park Photography.

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