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April 11, 2013: Better Than Fences.

April 11, 2013: Better Than Fences.
By Brenna Rivier.

The fence is too high, their car blocks my lane way, my landlord never fixes anything, they play their music loud all night long and the list goes on.
We know the complaints, they start off small and before you know it calls are being made to by-law, parking and police departments. What if there could been some help right at the get go, that first time they blocked your lane way or refused to fix that first leaky faucet? Wouldn’t life be a little sweeter?
Good news, thanks to Community Mediation Ottawa and their trained, dedicated and raring to go group of mediators, there is a solution. A recent presentation on March 6, hosted by the Hintonburg Community Association, Security Committee, filled us in on just how this little gem works.
Meredith St. Denis, coordinator and Maggie Daly, both volunteer mediators with the organization, were a delight with their obvious enthusiasm for the program and their belief in the process of mediation. They simply stated that mediation is a way to resolve disputes without fighting, going to court or just giving up.
For many of us, cost is most always an issue so good to know that community mediation is free, confidential and impartial. They also pointed out that not every situation can be mediated or that not all parties may want to participate. After all, just as it takes two to tango, it takes two willing participants to make for a successful mediation.
Mediation is simple in many ways, though, we often think it is way out of reach or just too complicated when in fact it may be just the opposite. In reality, it is just getting people together to talk and most importantly to listen to one another with the help of a neutral, trained, volunteer mediator. The very cool thing about mediation is that it is you and the person who you are in conflict with who come up with the solution. The mediator is there as a guide only. Just imagine, at one point you didn’t think you could sit in the same room together and here you are coming up with solutions together! That is the beauty of mediation!
Community Mediation Ottawa officially launched their service on October 18, 2012: Conflict Resolution Day. If you feel like mediation might be a possible option for a conflict that you may find yourself in or you just want to find out more about how it works, why not give them a call. They can be reached at 613-235-5800 You can also look up their website at http://www.cmo-mco.ca .

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