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September 8, 2011: Refurbished Parkdale Park A Great Success.

Refurbished Parkdale Park A Great Success.
 By Tim Thibeault.

A beautiful sunny morning welcomed  members from city, provincial  and federal governments  to a rededication ceremony in  Hintonburg on August 17th as it  seemed that everyone in sight  wanted to take credit for his or her  part in the recent renovations and  upgrades to Parkdale Park.  Naturally, all politicians like to be  seen and to make speeches, especially  on beautiful sunny days  when they can praise their leaders  and party members for their efforts  and accomplishments.
The improvements, including  a bandstand, fieldhouse renovations,  washrooms, shade areas  and new park furniture, were  praised for their architectural  success, their timely arrival and  their fulfilling of a need in the  community. The pool (one of  few remaining in the city) was  filled with water and laughing  children before the speeches and  congratulations were finished.
While children frolicked and  community leaders milled about  chatting and politely applauding,  the real stand out in the speaking  department was Mayor Jim  Watson who not only correctly  identified the Hintonburg  Economic Development  Committee as a driving force in  the community and its improvements,  but who alone, of the four  speakers in attendance, also  identified and thanked the community  itself, whose members  drove the changes to both the  park and the neighbourhood in  recent years.
Perhaps it was just good politics,  but it played well to those  who actually use the park and the  ajoining Parkdale Market. Some  speakers seemed interested primarily  in mentioning their leaders’  names or their own delight at  being in a park in Ottawa instead  of in an office on such a lovely  day. Ultimately, the real winners  of the day were the citizens of  Hintonburg itself who got a park  facelift, a chance to chat with their  local politicians, and a beautiful  morning in which to be in one of  Ottawa’s most interesting areas  watching some of its most interesting  people.

Children play in the shallow pool in the sun.

Parkdale Park pool.

Ottawa Mayor jokes with a young boy.

Mayor and minor.

6 Ladys, young and old, pose behind the sign for the event.

Local girls.

Photo Caption: The Parkdale Park pool, one of few remaining in the city, was filled with water and laughing children  before the August 17 rededication ceremony’s speeches and congratulations were finished. Photos by Tim Thibeault.

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