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March 4, 2010: Let’s Skate.

 Let’s Skate.
 By Hintonburg Economic Development Committee.
 (A July readers extra: A timeless article from our older issues.)

“Thank you for buying the helmets. When I was skating at Tom Brown I kept falling and my friend Hanna kept helping me up. It reminded me of a fawn and its mother trying to teach the fawn to walk,” says a Connaught Public School student.
Connaught has been pro-active in making sure that all kids in Grades 4 to 6 have the chance to participate in the skating; some have never been on skates before. In the past, Principal Irene Cameron has been successful at getting skates for all the children, but the helmets have been a problem. They have to be new; the school can’t risk providing a second hand helmet that may have a small crack in it, not adequately protecting the child.
Skating helmets are not the same as bicycle helmets; they protect the top and back of the head, are fitted and have a better adjustable strap. They also have an expiry date and are considered to be protective for only four years. At a price of about $33 this each gets expensive for many families.
To ensure that every child has a chance to skate, the school and the Parents’ Council has worked very hard to raise funds, measure the sizes of each of the helmets needed, source and purchase the helmets. More than hundred helmets were purchased this year – enough to outfit every student in grades 4, 5 and 6 students. In future years funds must be found to purchase new helmets for the Grade 4 students and any new grade 5 and 6 students. The students will then keep them and use them through Grade 6 and beyond when they leave Connaught.
This year the Hintonburg Economic Development Committee was proud to support this program with a donation of $2,500 to help purchase the skating helmets and $300 for skate sharpening. One of HEDC’s strong mandates is to promote and support youth programming in this community, helping kids have the opportunity to skate is a perfect example of that positive youth activity.
This is some students have to say about their new skating helmets:
“On Sunday I went with my friend skating. When I was skating I fell down. My head bumped on the ground really hard. but luckily the helmet you gave me saved my head.”“I think that it is great it shows that at Connaught everyone is equal.

3 happy kids lineup showing off their new helmets.

Connaught Public's new helmets.

Photo caption: Connaught Public School students proudly show off their new helmets, funded by their school, parent council and Hintonburg Economic Development Committee. See page 18 for story. Photo: Donna Brouse.

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